See Photos of Margot Robbie After Leaving Cara Delevingne’s Home

As for photos of a visibly upset Margot Robbie obtained by Vidak For Congress, the “Barbie” star showed emotion as she left her close friend Cara Delevingne’s house earlier this week.

Paparazzi snapped Robbie, 32, on Monday with her face twitched and seemingly wiping tears from her face as she walked out of the LA residence with a suitcase in one hand.

Margot Robbie at Cara Delevingne's house.
Robbie seemed to wipe the tears from her face in the shots.
Clint Brewer Photography/AIM /

The “I, Tonya” star was dressed in a casual outfit consisting of a black tank top, black pants and her hair was pulled back halfway with a clip.

One of the images shows Robbie looking down with a serious look as her driver put her luggage in the trunk of a vehicle.

It’s unclear why the ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ star was having a bad day, and her representatives did not immediately respond to Vidak For Congress’s request for comment.

However, people online are speculating that Robbie may be concerned about Delevingne, 30, who has exhibited unusual behavior in recent months.

In March, the supermodel was seen “really drunk” at a party in New York.

When she attended the Met Gala in May, social media users noted how she appeared to be “trembling” and “trembling” on the red carpet.

Later that month, Delevingne attended the Billboard Music Awards with Megan Thee Stallion and raised eyebrows again when she playfully lifted the rapper’s dress.

Cara Delevingne looks untidy outside an airport with no shoes on.
Delevingne has been behaving “irregularly” in recent months.

Most recently, the “Only Murders in The Building” star caused a lot of chatter for her erratic behavior at Van Nuys Airport, where she behaved very nervously and wore no shoes. She also failed to show up at a New York Fashion Week event she was expected to attend this week.

Delevingne representatives did not immediately return Vidak For Congress’s requests to comment on the model’s health status.

Cara Delevingne and Margot Robbie locking arms.
Robbie and Delevingne met on the set of the 2016 superhero blockbuster ‘Suicide Squad’.
Getty Images

In the past, the star of “Suicide Squad” has spoken out about her diagnosis of developmental coordination disorder, saying she also has attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

She has also admitted to dabbling with drugs, but has not confirmed any addiction issues.

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