Ryan Cabrera’s Wife Alexa Sang With NSYNC Members At Wedding

Ryan Cabrera's Wife Alexa Sang With NSYNC Members At Wedding 1

Singer Ryan Cabrera gushed about his wife, Alexa Bliss, after taking the stage with NSYNC at their wedding in April.

When asked what his favorite moment was at the celebrations, Cabrera told Vidak For Congress exclusively that it was “Lex taking the stage and doing ‘Bye Bye Bye’ with some of the NSYNC cats I know,” adding that “she did a lot of dance moves, even for that moment.”

“That was a pretty epic moment,” he told us. “Seeing the pure joy that was on her face, especially since Lance [Bass] was her crush growing up, so she got to take the stage with her high school crush.

The 40-year-old “Worth It” singer explained that Bliss, 30, has been such a lifelong fan of the 2000s boy band that she is said to have said he was “from [his] mind” when he told her she would be singing with Joey Fatone, Bass and Chris Kirkpatrick.

Cabrera – who has toured with both Bass and Kirkpatrick for their Pop 2000 Tour – explained that he’s been close to the members for years and that the tour has only brought them closer.

“It wouldn’t be good if they didn’t jump up there, you know?” he said, adding that they had a plethora of talented friends who also take the stage at their reception.

The “One Way Down” singer – who proposed in November 2020 – married the WWE star in a rockstar-themed wedding that fans will get to see in his new music video, “Worth It,” released Friday.

“We went with ‘Be Yourself,’ do some, you know, fly your crazy flag, be a rock star for a day,” Cabrera told us.

The video clip features real footage from the lovebird wedding at Kempa Villa in Palm Desert, California. Some special clips feature guests in Harry Styles-esque outfits, Cabrera and Bliss playing rock-paper-scissors at the altar and the couple getting emotional as they read their vows.

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