Reese Witherspoon’s daughter, Ava, shows off new arm tattoo

What, like getting a tattoo is hard?

Reese Witherspoon’s daughter Ava Phillippe debuted a new arm tattoo in vacation photos shared by her actress mom.

On Sunday, the ‘Legally Blonde’ star posted a sweet photo of herself and her lookalike daughter Ava posing for a sunset. The second photo shows Ava, who Reese shares with ex-husband Ryan Phillippe, wiping the makeup off her mother’s face, while the new ink is on display.

Ava, 22, has been spotted sporting some trendy little tattoos, including flowers and birds on her arms, but this ‘Admit One’ tag on her forearm appears to be new.

“Love to share sunsets with my girl 💞*especially when she fixes my makeup 🥰,” the designer of Draper James joked to her 28 million Instagram followers.

reese witherspoon and ava in dresses on the beach
Ava Phillippe helped her mother with her makeup.

Commentators were stunned by how similar Ava and Reese look. Brit Morin called the mother-daughter duo “TWINSIES”, joked one commenter, “Your sister is so beautiful” and Selma Blair added: “We all need a beautiful twin daughter who fixes our makeup.”

The UC Berkeley grad previously posted a photo of her fine line tattoos in May, and her actress mom seemingly approved, saying, “That’s my Cali girl.”

Reese Witherspoon's daughter ava's tattoos
Ava showed off some trendy tattoos on her arms on Instagram.

In June, Ava’s younger brother Deacon Phillippe celebrated home school graduation with his “Cruel Intentions” star parents by his side. Both siblings appear to be following in their parents’ footsteps to Hollywood, as they modeled together for Beyoncé’s Halls of Ivy collection last year.

Despite being awarded Queen B’s seal of approval—and having a movie ticket on her arm—Ava isn’t sure if she’s going to continue acting. In 2021, she told E! “I certainly don’t see it ruled out,” but revealed, “I’m not too sure where I’m going yet.”

We hope she’ll consider playing as a younger version of her mom in the next “Legally Blonde” episode wherever she goes.

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