Prince William and Kate Middleton party hard in viral clip

Prince William and Kate Middleton can live a neat and tidy life now that they are married and have three children. However, a new viral clip shows the couple partying hard in the UK as two children in their 20s, years before they tied the knot.

The TikTok clip – which has now been viewed more than 4 million times – shows the royal couple living their best lives with friends, with both William and Kate looking drunk in certain shots after several nights on the town.

The pair were praised in the comment section for their relatability, and Middleton received additional compliments for her stunning looks both then and now.

“How is she so photogenic! These are the roughest pictures of her out there and she still looks like a pinball goddess!” wrote one fan, while another added: “Kate didn’t age at all.”

“they look like me on a normal day when my friends are taking pictures…without alcohol😂,” one follower joked, while a shocked observer added, “I never thought they had fun.”

The couple met and dated in 2002 while students at St Andrews University in Scotland. Although they briefly split in 2007, they were soon reunited, with William proposing in 2010 and the couple getting married the following year.

“When I first met Kate, I knew there was something really special about her, and then I knew there might be something I wanted to discover there, but we eventually became friends for a while,” Prince William said in an interview. after their 2010 involvement.

“That was a good foundation. I really believe that being friends with [each other] is a huge advantage.”

Prince George of Cambridge, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge, Prince Louis of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
The couple married in 2011 and share three children.
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While fans loved taking a trip down memory lane with the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, many couldn’t help but wonder how images of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle partying together would be seen as many believe there’s a double standard at play. would come.

“If it was Harry and his wife it would be a scandal,” one observer noted, while another agreed, “it’s all good, but if it was our gurl, Megan would be a different story.”

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