Prince Charles himself drives to Commonwealth Games in old-timer

This is how you make a grand entrance.

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla Parker Bowles made a spectacular entrance to the Commonwealth Games on Thursday as he drove his Aston Martin into the arena for the opening ceremony

The vintage sports car is powered by bioethanol extracted from wine and cheese by-products.

The royal heir bought the car in 1970 and later modified it to run on biofuels, using ethanol from cheese whey and wine that was unfit for human consumption.

Charles has long been an advocate for the environment, warning in a 1970 speech, “We are currently facing the horrific effects of pollution in all its cancer-forming forms.”

Since then, the Duke of Cornwall has spoken out strongly about climate change and has spoken out against the use of genetically modified foods.

Prince William (L) and his wife Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, leave Buckingham Palace in a car to Clarence House, after their wedding on April 29, 2011 in London.
The car also appeared after the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.
AFP via Getty Images

Charles’ vintage Aston Martin made a memorable appearance at his son Prince William’s wedding in 2011. Decorated with balloons and ribbons and a number plate on the back that reads “JU5T WED”, the Duke of Cambridge used it to mark his bride , Kate Middleton, chase away from the ceremony.

Charles and Camilla attended the official opening of the Commonwealth Games, which brings all Commonwealth countries together in a sports competition. The multisport competition, which takes place every four years and is often referred to as “The Friendly Games”, ends on August 8 and is held in Birmingham.

Camilla also made a stylish entrance with a minimalist jumpsuit from one of her favorite designers, Anna Valentine.

A general view during the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022 as Prince Charles and the Duchess of Camilla of Cornwall look on at Alexander Stadium on July 28, 2022 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
The Duchess of Cornwall wore an Anna Walker outfit.
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Also in attendance were Charles’ younger brother Prince Edward and his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

During the ceremony, Charles read a special message written by his mother, the Queen.

“Over the years, the coming together of so many for the ‘Friendly Games’ has created memorable shared experiences, established long-lasting relationships and even created some friendly rivalries. But above all, they remind us of our bond with each other, wherever we are in the world, as part of the Commonwealth family of nations,” she wrote.

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