Post Malone disappoints on stage during show in St. Louis

Doctors had to rush to Post Malone’s side after the rapper fell onstage during his St. Louis concert on Saturday night.

Several fans took to social media to share videos of the nasty wipeout, which happened midway through the show as he sang “Circles” at the Enterprise Center.

Malone, 27, was walking down a slope when he stepped into a hole – intended to lower his guitar – that had not been covered. He hit the floor in a quick, violent motion that caused his face and entire body to slam to the ground.

Post Malone sings
Post Malone took a hard hit on Saturday night performing “Circles” at his St. Louis concert.
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The rapper cringed in pain and screamed as he lay on the floor with his hit still playing in the background.

Doctors and guards rushed to him as the crowd chanted his name. But they soon realized how serious the incident was, but the crowd went silent when the music stopped abruptly.

A few minutes later, the singer of “Congratulations” managed to get up and leave the stage with the help of the medics. He assured the fans that he only needed “three or four minutes” backstage to get together.

“I want to thank you for your patience, and I’m sorry there was a big hole in the stage,” Malone told fans after his return, as the crowd cheered him on.

“I want to thank everyone for sticking with it, and I want to thank everyone, I have the best f–king fans in the world,” he continued.

“Whatever we f–king do, I will keep trying to kick the ass and keep going and make this f–king tour great.”

The “Rockstar” singer continued to perform despite a fan’s claim that he had broken three ribs and was “hurt so much that he cried”.

No word yet on whether he will still be performing his scheduled “Twelve Carat Tour” show in Columbus, Ohio on Sunday night. A Malone representative did not immediately respond to Vidak For Congress’s request for comment.

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