PlatinumGames’ Online DS Collection Should Inspire Nintendo Switch’s 2023

The Nintendo DS is a gaming device that has not yet had its moment in the sun despite the fact that Nintendo is continually adding an increasing number of the company’s classic titles to the Nintendo Switch Online service.

The Nintendo DS is a one-of-a-kind portable console that has been home to a large number of games that have gone on to become popular with both fans and reviewers. But, due to the console’s dual-screen architecture, porting DS games to other types of displays can be difficult at times.

If Nintendo wants to add the Nintendo DS to Switch Online in the same way that it has with its other consoles, one way to deal with this problem could be to look to a console from the company’s past. This would allow Nintendo to add the Nintendo DS to Switch Online in the same way that it has added its other consoles.

The Nintendo Wii U was released in 2012 as a follow-up to the phenomenally popular Nintendo Wii. The Wii U had a huge GamePad that complemented the television screen and included a touchscreen incorporated in the device’s core.

Despite the fact that this peculiar control method ultimately proved to be difficult to use in a lot of games, a few developers made excellent use of the distinctive structure.

Examining the deft manner in which multiple screens were managed in PlatinumGames’ acclaimed brawler The Wonderful 101 on Nintendo’s Wii U may provide a roadmap for successfully translating games to the single-screen Switch, which Nintendo is considering doing as it mulls bringing Nintendo DS titles to Switch Online. The Wonderful 101 was published by Nintendo.

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