People Said I Had To “Run” Dating Austen Kroll

“Southern Charm” star Olivia Flowers tells Vidak For Congress that fans told her to run away from Austen Kroll after Kroll made controversial appearances in “Summer House” and “Winter House.”

“After ‘Winter House’ and ‘Summer House,’ people were like, ‘oh, really? Run!’” Flowers, 30, tells us about Kroll. “But it was all people who didn’t know him.

“No one in his tight-knit group said such a thing to me. It was more just the strangers watching the shows, like coming in and telling me to be careful, which I appreciate.”

Kroll, 35, was met with huge fan reactions after hooking up with ‘Summer House’ co-stars Lindsay Hubbard and Ciara Miller over the same weekend. Luckily for him, that doesn’t bother Flowers.

“I really took the point that was ahead of me. It was before me. I know it’s a bit difficult because things aren’t necessarily rendered in real time. So there was some overlap,” Flowers says, seemingly referring to Miller.

Olivia Flowers during a video call
“Southern Charm” star Olivia Flowers tells Vidak For Congress that fans told her to “run” when she started dating Austen Kroll.
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The newbie “Southern Charm” adds that she “didn’t want to pass judgment of any kind” based on his past actions that “had nothing to do with me.”

Flowers says she and Kroll are “in a really good place,” but teases fans that they should watch the season to see if they ever make it official. The duo were caught holding hands during a vineyard outing in Napa Valley, California in May.

Olivia Flowers and Austen Kroll pose together for a photo
Flowers and Kroll have yet to confirm whether they are boyfriend and girlfriend.

In a preview of Thursday’s episode, Paige DeSorbo, who stars in Summer House with Miller (26) and is dating Kroll’s co-star Craig Conover, tells Kroll that Miller is in Charleston.

Taylor Ann Green, Shep Rose, Olivia Flowers and Olivia Flowers pose for a photo at a vineyard
Flowers explains that Kroll’s past is past for her.

“I know they had some unfinished business at the time,” Flowers teases. “It sounds like they had a conversation that needed to be had, and I think when that was achieved it was still early on stage with Austen and I. … I didn’t feel like I had the ground to be so upset to be through it.”

A selfie of Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller and Craig Conover
Kroll and Miller started their affair on ‘Winter House’ and they continued to see each other on ‘Summer House’.

While it’s unclear what Miller and Kroll were talking about, Miller was exposed for having a secret arrangement with Kroll after the “Summer House” exploded and the footage wrapped.

“Never f–king again,” Miller said during the “Summer House” reunion that aired in May.

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