Olivia Munn’s son’s baby food spills into suitcase due to shortage

There’s no point crying over spilled baby food – unless there’s a nationwide shortage.

New mom Olivia Munn shared that half a container of baby food in her suitcase and on the floor had been spilled amid scarcity of the nutrient-rich substance.

“If there’s a formula shortage and you open your suitcase to find that your carefully packed formula has sprung open and half of it is now gone,” Munn – who gave birth to her son Malcolm in November 2021 – wrote on her Instagram Story on Thursday. along with a crying face emoji.

The actress posted a photo of the floor and her luggage covered in powdered formula that escaped when the container was opened in transit.

Last month, Munn, 41, shared that she panicked amid the baby food crisis sweeping the world, criticizing those who told mothers to breastfeed instead.

spilled baby food in her suitcase.
She shared a photo of the formula disaster.

“It’s so crazy when people say ‘if you’re breastfeeding, you don’t have to worry about the bottle-feeding deficiency!'” she tweeted at the time.

“I’m low on milk, so to keep my baby fed, I’m dependent on bottle feeding,” she continued. “I wish I could breastfeed so I wouldn’t panic about the shortage now.”

Olivia Munn, John Mulaney and their son Malcolm in a mirror selfie.
Munn shares her son with John Mulaney.

The “Newswoom” alum turned to baby formula to feed her son as an alternative to breastfeeding, saying she was struggling to produce enough milk to support the baby.

“I’m 8 weeks on and I’ve taken a million vitamins, countless teas, lozenges, tinctures and worked with two lactation consultants,” she wrote on her Instagram story in January, adding, “Breastfeeding. Is. Difficult.”

Olivia Munn and her son Malcolm on a blanket.
Munn has had problems with breastfeeding in the past.

She even asked other mothers for advice: “All the other mothers who allll [sic] the supplements and teas and tinctures hardly make milk, do they?”

Munn shares Malcolm with comedian John Mulaney, whom she began dating early last year during his divorce from artist Anna Marie Tendler.

The actress was previously in a relationship with businessman Tucker Roberts and NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

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