Olivia Munn Didn’t Sleep After Son Malcolm’s First Illness

Olivia Munn revealed she hasn’t slept in days as her son Malcolm battles his first illness, which includes “high fever” and “explosive poop.”

The “Newsroom” actress announced via Instagram on Sunday that her 7-month-old son, who she shares with boyfriend John Mulaney, was feeling under the weather.

“We got through our first illness,” Munn, 42, wrote of an image of Malcolm lying on her chest. “I haven’t slept well since last Wednesday, but I wouldn’t be anywhere but hugging my little boy and being covered in his explosive poop.”

Munn wrote Monday that she thought her son was feeling “better” but that she had had another rough night filled with “high fever and lots of bodily fluids.”

“I’m so tired, I don’t even want to” [sic] know what I look like without these butterflies and ladybugs all over my face,” she concluded in her Story, which had a filter that enhanced her features.

Olivia Munn and Son, IG Story
Olivia Munn revealed that her son is getting over his first illness.

On May 24, Munn celebrated her bundle of joy as she turned 6 months old in an Instagram post with Malcolm snuggling close to her.

“Today 6 months ago Malcolm made me his mommy. “It’s so nice to get to know him,” she wrote.

The ‘X-Men: Apocalypse’ actress described her son’s milestones, revealing that he ‘loves meeting people’, ‘tried peanut butter’ and ‘slept through the night, 12 hours straight’.

Olivia Munn sits on a bed with her son Malcolm
“I wouldn’t be anywhere but cuddling my little boy and being covered in his explosive poop,” she wrote on social media.

She continued in her celebratory post: “He wakes up from every nap with a huge smile and giggle, he LOVES when we read him books, he lets out a scream and kicks his legs when his dad comes home, I can’t stress enough how much he loves to bathe and he loves to be outside and look at the trees and the sky.

“I love you so much Malcolm Hiệp. Happy 6 months earthly with us. You lit up our whole world,” Munn concluded.

Olivia Munn and her baby Malcolm
She wrote on Monday that she thought they were out of the woods, but wasn’t quite there.

Munn and Mulaney, 39, welcomed Malcolm, their first child together, in November 2021 – just seven months after Vidak For Congress exclusively revealed they were dating.

Three months before making their relationship public, the comedian filed for divorce from Anna Marie Tendler after six years of marriage.

olivia munn, john mulaney and malcolm take the stage at MSG
Munn shares Malcolm with friend John Mulaney.

Since then, the pair has been giving fans a glimpse into their lives as parents, with Mulaney gushing about how much he and his son look alike.

While hosting “Saturday Night Live” in February, he said, “We were in the delivery room. My girlfriend just gave birth to him and he’s crying a bit, so they’re taking him to this warmer on the other side of the delivery room. [He’s] under this great bright light, and the light just shines in his eyes.

“He just looks at the light and… [he squints]† He was annoyed, but said nothing. I was like, ‘That’s my son.’ A polite man in an awkward situation, but he won’t make a fuss. He’s a very good boy.”

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