Olivia Culpo breaks down over ex in ‘Culpo Sisters’ trailer

Olivia Culpo burst into tears over an ex-boyfriend she claims belittled her in the trailer for her upcoming reality show, “The Culpo Sisters.”

“I was with someone who did really terrible, terrible things,” said the former Miss Universe, 30, in a sit-down interview for the TLC show.

“I felt less-than-human in every sense of the word.”

When she started to cry, she added, “I’ve never talked about it.”

Culpo hasn’t revealed which ex she was referring to in the teaser, and the brunette beauty has had at least three high-profile relationships.

She is currently seeing Carolina Panthers run back from Christian McAffrey and previously dated pop superstar Nick Jonas for two years. The latter ended due to “long distance”.


Olivia Culpo burst into tears when she talked about one of her exes on her new reality show, ‘The Culpo Sisters’.


Olivia Culpo burst into tears when she talked about one of her exes on her new reality show, “The Culpo Sisters.”

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However, her romance with her most recent ex, Danny Amendola, had its most outrageous ending following accusations that the former NFL player was cheating.

In October 2018, Amendola, now 36, was spotted flirting with a Miami beach date with a reporter named Bianca Peters. He was still in a relationship with Culpo at the time.

Shortly afterwards, Culpo and Amendola were confirmed to be splitting up with a source revealing that the former election queen was “extremely disappointed and shocked at the pictures that came out of Danny getting cozy with another girl.”

However, a few months later, the pair seemed to be trying again to make it work as they were spotted in the same spot for New Year’s Eve.

In April 2019, Amendola confirmed that he and Culpo were no longer together, but not before he attacked his ex-model.

“Olivia chooses and wants to be noticed on the Internet and in Hollywood to make money,” the athlete said in a rant on Instagram, which he later deleted.

“Olivia believes in a fishbowl lifestyle. If you’re my real friend, you know I’m private.”

Amendola then unabashedly added that he and Culpo “had some great times together” and “the sex was insane,” before concluding that “the price of fame in this world doesn’t appeal to me. I play ball for one reason and that is RESPECT.”

A photo of Olivia Culpo, Aurora Culpo and Sophia Culpo in New York.
Olivia stars in “The Culpo Sisters” with Aurora Culpo and Sophia Culpo.
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Culpo stars in her new reality show alongside her family, which includes her sisters Aurora Culpo and Sophia Culpo.

“We’re all super close, even though we sometimes want to kill each other,” Olivia says in the new clip, adding that she and her sisters have “no boundaries,” “no filter,” and “no shortage of drama.” ”

“The Culpo Sisters” premieres November 7 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC and Discovery Plus.

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