New ambient music in Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update 2023

Major updates to Minecraft are required annually to maintain user engagement and interest. These updates add new features, mechanics, and content to Minecraft, which has a large user base.

In addition, they present players with new challenges and opportunities for exploration and experimentation, which can prevent tedium and encourage continued play.

The Trails & Tales update for Minecraft is closer than ever. The majority of players are looking forward to this update because it includes several game-altering features and a large number of cosmetic additions and adjustments.

New ambient music in Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update 2023 2

In the update for Minecraft Trails & Tales, there is new ambient music.

The addition of the new Cherry Groves Overworld biome is one of the most noteworthy aspects of this impending major update. This stunning new location features cherry trees, which all players have desired for ages.

While exploring this new biome, a few new ambient tracks will play in the background. Not only do the cherry groves have four new music recordings, but so do the badlands, desert, jungle, and flower forest biomes.

A Familiar Room, Bromeliad, Crescent Dunes, and Echo in the Wind are the four new compositions added by Aaron Cherof in the update. These new music recordings are already included in snapshot 23w17a and snapshots that followed.

The update includes a new music disc titled “Relic.” It was also composed by Aaron Cherof, and players will need to learn about the new archeology feature in order to obtain it. This is due to the fact that the Relic music disc can only be obtained via suspicious blocks discovered in the new trail remnants

New ambient music in Minecraft 1.20 Trails & Tales update 2023 3

New developments in image 23w17a

  • Several intriguing new developments have also been added to Minecraft as part of this snapshot update. Here is a list of all recent developments:
  • Unlocked by sniffing egg. Brushing suspicious sand blocks in the warm ocean ruins yields one.
  • Sniflets, infant sniffers, unlock little sniffs. Two sniffers breed sniflets. Giving torchflower seeds to sniffers breeds two.
  • Planting seeds from a sniffer unlocks the past.
  • Respecting the remnants: Unlocked by brushing a suspicious block to get a pottery sherd.
  • Careful Restoration: Unlocked when the player decorates a four-shard pot.
  • Crafting a new look: Unlocked by trimming armor.
  • Styled smithing: Unlocked after applying these trims: spire, snout, rib, ward, quiet, vex, tide, wayfinder

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