Mayor Eric Adams celebrates before state of emergency is declared

Nightlife mayor Eric Adams was out partying after 1am. Friday morning with rappers French Montana and Ja Rule – just hours before a state of emergency is declared in New York City due to the migrant crisis.

The partying pol was spotted Thursday night at his controversial friend, convicted money launderer Zhan “Johnny” Petrosyants’s restaurant, Osteria La Baia, for a birthday party for real estate agent Eleonora Srugo before heading to a nightclub in East Village, NYC.

Adams can be seen in Instagram stories of the bash in La Baia, along with French Montana and Ja Rule, who was famously fired from a $100 million lawsuit over the disastrous 2019 Fyre festival.

A source at the birthday party tells us that Adams – who had previously partied with Montana at an album release party in June – was chatting with the “Unforgettable” rapper.

Eric Adams
Eric Adams was spotted until 1am.

Also spotted at the party was the owner of Adam’s favorite hotspot, Zero Bond, Scott Sartiano – who recently appointed Adams as his representative on the board of the prestigious Metropolitan Museum of Art.

A source tells us that the mayor was at the party until 1am. He was then spotted at another hot spot, Little Sister in the Moxy East Village, with French Montana until an undisclosed hour.

“Had Mayor Eric Adams at my booth + French Montana tonight,” the DJ tweeted.

Eric Adams hung out late at the nightclub, Little Sister.

On Friday at 10:30 a.m., an admittedly spry-looking Adams declared a state of emergency over the influx of migrants entering the city, estimating it will cost $1 billion to provide shelter and social services.

French Montana
French Montana also attended the bash.

This is not the first time Adams has hit the club amid issues related to the migrant crisis.

In September, after announcing that the city’s hideouts were nearing a “breaking point,” he was spotted at the exclusive members-only jazz club in newly opened Aman NY.

“He was sitting in the middle of the room with a group of people,” including Petrosyants, said one spy, who noted that the founding members spent $100,000 to join the club.

As far as Vidak For Congress knows, no migrants have been seen or helped in La Baia or the Aman.

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