Mariah Carey clarifies that she calls Meghan Markle ‘diva’ on podcast

Mariah Carey clarified that when she called Meghan Markle a “diva,” she meant the comment in an “empowering” way.

After that tweet she “really enjoyed” talking to the Duchess of Sussex on Tuesday’s episode of the “Archetypes” podcast, the “Hero” singer spoke of the awkward moment.

“Yes! I called her a diva, in the most amazing, beautiful and powerful sense of the word!!!” wrote Carey.

The Grammy winner, 53, made headlines earlier this week for calling Markle’s “diva moments” during their interview that caused the 41-year-old “Suits” alum to “sweat” and “squirm” in her chair.

Markle asked her guest, “What kind of diva moments have I given you?”

Meghan Markle and Mariah Carey
Mariah Carey clarified her comment about Meghan Markle’s ‘diva moments’.
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The former actress pointed to her “nervous laughter” as she later wrapped up the episode, saying that Carey “jumped through to make sure I was crystal clear that when she said diva she was talking about the way I dress, the attitude , the clothing.”

Mariah Carey
The singer meant the comment in an “empowering” way.
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While Markle initially experienced the moment as a ‘dig’, she later understood that the musical icon paid her a ‘compliment’.

Carey clarified at the time that she was describing Markle’s “visuals”, noting that she “meant nothing” with the diva commentary and just “played around” with the podcast host.

The biracial stars also discussed their natural hair issues on the show, with the “Meaning of Mariah Carey” author saying that “no one knew how to do it.” [her] her, even as a little girl.”

Meghan Marklea
The duo spoke on the second episode of Markle’s “Archetypes” podcast.

Carey recalled that her hair had been “seared” and smoothed with “too much product” by professional stylists over the years.

As for Markle, she thought about letting her grandmother help take care of her “so thick and so curly” hair as a child.

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