Lummus will provide butadiene plant technology in Kazakhstan 2023

Butadiene LLP’s new synthetic rubber production plant will be supplied by this brand-new facility.

Houston, TX – [Citation] Atyrau, Kazakhstan will soon be home to a brand new petrochemicals factory, and Lummus Technologies has been chosen to supply the company’s process technology.

According to a statement released by Lummus on March 13, the company’s iC4 Catofin, Catadiene, and CDMtbe technologies, in addition to BASF’s butadiene extraction technology, have been chosen for the facility by Butadiene LLP.

The award covers a variety of aspects, including fundamental engineering and technology licensing for four separate process units.

When construction is finished, the units will upgrade a mixed butanes feed in order to generate 85 kilotonnes per year (ktpa) of isobutylene, 120 ktpa of butadiene, and 40 ktpas of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE).

According to Lummus, the goods will be used to feed the new synthetic rubber production plant that belongs to Butadiene LLP and will also be supplied to the local transportation fuels market in Kazakhstan.

Butadiene LLP is the company that runs the butadiene rubber joint venture that is worth $1 billion (€880,000).

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