Lindsay Hubbard Is The ‘Badest Person I’ve Ever Met’

Hannah Berner chided her former “Summer House” co-star Lindsay Hubbard during a Q&A in New York City last weekend.

“[Hubbard] is the meanest person I’ve ever met,” commented Berner, 31, when a fan asked the reality star-turned-comedian where she stands with Hubbard during a live recording of her “Giggly Squad” podcast on Saturday night.

Lindsay Hubbard on "WWHL"
Berner and Hubbard argued during season 5 of “Summer House”.
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“I’ve met some new people who are really, really great, and I have love for everyone,” clarified Berner, who left the popular Bravo show ahead of season 6. “You don’t always have to talk to people, but you can still wish them well.”

The comedian emphasized that she still remains close to current stars Ciara Miller and fellow “Giggly Squad” host Paige DeSorbo, but she hasn’t mentioned anyone else.

Paige DeSorbo And Hannah Berner Talk At Their Giggly Squad Live Show
DeSorbo, who also had a difficult relationship with Hubbard, remained neutral on the subject.

DeSorbo, who had just finished shooting season 7 with Hubbard, kept tight-lipped about Berner’s statement, but added to Hubbard, “she’s beautiful.”

Hubbard and Berner’s friendship took a turn after a heated confrontation over a psychic’s claim that Hubbard was in contact with her co-star and Berner’s ex Luke Gulbranson. Hubbard vehemently denied the allegation and they never reconciled after the altercation – even giving each other the Instagram unfollow.

Berner has since switched from the reality TV show to continue her career in comedy and her podcast “Berning In Hell”. She also departed from Gulbranson and married fellow comedian Des Bishop in May.

Hubbard began dating her best friend and co-star Carl Radke last fall, and after moving in together in May, Radke posed the question to Bravo Cameras on August 27.

Lindsay Hubbard poses for a photo
Hubbard recently got engaged to her co-star Carl Radke.
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Meanwhile, DeSorbo, 29, also spoke to where she currently stands with her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend Craig Conover and “Southern Charm” star Naomie Olindo after the two got into a tense conversation on the September 1 episode.

“We DM all the time. We’re cool,” DeSorbo said, adding that regardless of their differences, they’ve both experienced the ups and downs of reality TV.

A photo of Paige DeSorbo and Hannah Berner posing for a photo
DeSorbo also addressed her on-screen feud with “Southern Charm” star Naomie Olindo.
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“We had that one thing where I destroyed her,” DeSorbo joked about the showdown. “But she’s actually really nice and kind.”

“Southern Charm” airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo. Bravo has not yet announced a premiere date for Season 7 of “Summer House” or Season 2 of its spin-off “Winter House.”

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