Leva didn’t speak to Craig for months after ‘Southern Charm’ fight

“Southern Charm” star Leva Bonaparte revealed she hadn’t spoken to Craig Conover for nine months after their heated argument in December.

“From that night on, the nature of my friendship with Craig and a few other people in the cast changed dramatically,” Bonaparte, 43, told Vidak For Congress.

In fact, the first time they hooked up again was during the season 8 reunion, which was filmed earlier this month.

“With Craig and I, it’s just kind of a climax,” she says of their blast.

Bonaparte — who also stopped following Conover on social media — explained that all season she didn’t appreciate him hanging out with his ex-girlfriend and her close friend, Naomie Olindo.

“You see Craig really just having big emotions all season and expressing them in a very assertive way,” she continued. “In my world, [that’s] a bit disrespectful, a bit like I was overstepping my limits.”

A selfie of Leva Bonaparte
Leva Bonaparte revealed that she and Craig Conover’s heated final fight resulted in them not speaking for nearly a year.

Their feud started after she told him to stop referring to Olindo as his “crazy f-king ex-girlfriend” before Conover, 34, urged her not to get involved.

“You didn’t notice it much, but he was yelling at one of my best friends, like constantly, constantly, constantly, and that’s basically why I left Auldbrass (a cast trip) early,” she explained.

Their friendship came to an end when they got into a screaming contest that ended with Conover kicking Bonaparte out of the holiday party of his company Sewing Down South.

The former friends will go head-to-head in what Bonaparte called the “rawest” reunion “since the beginning” in 2014.

“We’re no longer close, but we spoke at the reunion and you’re going to have to tune in a bit to see the context and where that takes us now,” she teased, adding that “there were so many things left unsaid” that was being dug up. .

Naomie Olindo, Leva Bonaparte
Bonaparte (center) explained that her feud with Conover stemmed from his treatment of her best friend and his ex-girlfriend, Naomie Olindo (far left).

Two weeks after the reunion, Bonaparte says she feels “more determined” with some people — while others “have been denied entry.”

And one of those people is Madison LeCroy, who had also unfollowed Bonaparte earlier this year for siding with Conover in the fight.

Fortunately, the blond beauty approached the restaurant owner on her birthday in May and apologized.

“So we’re going down a road, you know,” Bonaparte told us before.

The Season 8 finale of “Southern Charm” airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo, followed by a two-part reunion that kicks off Thursday, October 6.

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