Katie Holmes, Nicky Hilton and TikTokers at Alice + Olivia

Katie Holmes, Nicky Hilton, Delilah Belle Hamlin and Eva Amurri attended the Alice & Olivia fashion show at Highline Stages this weekend, but we were told they weren’t the only celebs the public was looking forward to.

Referring to a line around the corner to get in, designer Stacey Bendet — whose look was worn by Meghan Markle, Drew Barrymore, Beyonce and Gigi Hadid — said, “It’s not for me.” “It’s for the rush talkers.”

For adults and those who don’t spend all their time online, “rush talkers” are a group of sorority girls who use that hashtag on TikTok videos. Bendet says they are “hugely famous online”.

“I think that’s what caused some of the frenzy,” Bendet told Vidak For Congress. “People adore these girls.”

Bendet herself is not on the social media platform, but her brand is.

Katie Holmes
Katie Holmes was in attendance with a look from the brand.
Getty Images for Alice + Olivia

“I like the energy of sorority,” she says. “I love anything that brings women together and creates happiness and a happy energy.”

Inside, guests drank Casa Del Sol tequila as they made their way through colorful built-in installations that housed the models with the latest collection. One set had a denim background with models in jeans, while another looked like a Victorian sitting room with models dressed in pastel colors suitable for a garden party.

Alice + Olivia
Bendet told us the crowd was for TikTok stars talking about the life of a sorority online.
Getty Images for Alice + Olivia

“What makes something iconic?” Bendet asked, telling us, “Things are iconic when you have the right outfit in the right setting. It’s like theater. When you put on a suit on the beach, it looks weird , but if you put it in a [matching] room with matching curtains, it’s starting to look good.”

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