Julia Fox poses in a taxi in her underwear for Alexander Wang

Folks, she’s at it again.

Julia Fox stars in Alexander Wang’s new Bodywear campaign, sporting a white ribbed bralette ($30) and boxers ($30) from the designer’s underwear collection as she sits atop a yellow cab, outfitted herself in a super-sized pair of tighty whities .

The “Uncut Gems” muse makes a fitting face (and body) for the ads, as she was the first star to get her hands on Wang’s skivvies roster; in May, she memorably stepped out for a grocery run wearing the line’s triangle bra ($30) and briefs ($30) in black, along with the same denim boots ($950) featured in the campaign.

And Fox, 32, referenced her scantily clad shopping trip as she staged a take on “Cash Cab” for Wang’s TikTok, asking a handful of New Yorkers to answer some simple questions — all of which come down to bodywear, of course.

Julia Fox in her underwear in a taxi
Skivvies in town.
Philipp Cherichenko

“About 70% of the human body is made up of: a) blood, b) water, c) bodywear,” she asked, among other things.

Kanye West’s ex has been given flak for backing Wang, who faced multiple sexual assault allegations in late 2020, most notably after defending alleged abuse victim Amber Heard at her trial of Johnny Depp.

“I love Julia Fox but advocating for Amber Heard to be a victim of abuse one week and wear Alexander Wang the next is the height of hypocrisy imo,” one person tweetedwhile another wrote“Julia Fox has a lot to say about Amber Heard & Jonny [sic] Depp, but continues to support Alexander Wang………so weird.”

As for the controversial CFDA Award winner — who initially dismissed his assault charges as “baseless and grotesquely false” — he released a statement in 2021 promising to “do better” and “set a better example.”

Wang also returned to the runway in April, hosting his lavish “Fortune City” fashion show in LA’s Chinatown.

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