Jenna Jameson Reveals She Can Walk Unaided After Mysterious Illness

Jenna Jameson has made progress in her recovery from a mysterious illness that left her unable to walk.

The former porn star this week shared a video of her walking unassisted to show fans how much progress she’s made.

“I want to show you that I walk unaided. I mean, I don’t walk perfectly, but at least I’m on my feet,” she said.

The next day she added, “I feel better. I can walk quite well. How cool is that? Feeling a lot better.”

Jameson’s update comes a few months after she told fans the illness wasn’t crippling her and “made progress” with the help of a walker.

The mother of three – she shares twin sons Journey and Jesse, 13, with ex Tito Ortiz and daughter Batel, 4, with partner Lior Bitton – also explained that she said she hadn’t slept “well” due to her health issues.

a photo of jenna jameson's foot
The former porn star shared a video in which she slowly but surely walks without a walker.

“It’s weird, when I lie down to go to sleep, I get a lot of pain, like stabbing pains,” she said. “I don’t know if it’s nerves reconnecting or whatever, but it’s just really hard to sleep.”

The actress added: “I hope I’m going in a better direction.”

Jenna Jameson Mirror Selfie
Doctors initially diagnosed Jameson, 48, with Guillain-Barre, but changed his mind after more testing.

Doctors initially diagnosed Jameson, 48, with Guillain-Barré syndrome in January after she first lost her ability to walk, but they later ruled out the condition after a battery of tests. In February, she was finally released from the hospital after just under two months.

“I need to do more testing, but it looks like there’s something wrong with my femoral nerve, and it’s affecting my strength in my legs,” she said at the time. “So unfortunately I’m still in a wheelchair, but I hope to be out of the wheelchair soon and be able to walk, so have a little prayer.”

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