How the new monarch will rule, according to an astrologer

Long live the queen.

But with the unfortunate passing of the beloved Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96 on September 8, 2022, the heir apparent has risen.

King Charles III has long been expected to rise to the crown, but he is ready to stand in the authority of his royal lineage. Because the UK has made many long-term plans for him to make changes to royal properties and Buckingham Palace, King Charles III has created his own visions – despite the fears of the late Queen.

With his wife Camilla Parker Bowles taking the title of Queen Consort, a new era in the British monarchy has dawned, as others still fondly look back on Princess Diana paving the way for the present. With a fascinating past of his own – and an intense relationship with both his children Prince William and Prince Harry – King Charles III has shown that he is ready to take the British monarchy in vast new directions.

So what kind of king will Charles III be? What awaits the future of the crown? Come with me as we dive into his cosmos. I’m a pop culture astrologer and I can see everything.

Prince Charles
PKing Charles III is a Scorpio Sun.
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King Charles III’s Birth Chart Shows He Was Born To Be A Leader

King Charles III was born on November 14, 1948. This makes him an intense Scorpio sun with a grounded Taurus moon and a regal Leo Ascendant. What I want to point out right away is that all three of these placements fall into Fixed Characters, which means he has incredible perseverance, stamina and focus. However, he is also extremely determined in his ways and can be quite stubborn to resist change, especially when he has his heart set on something.

When it comes to elemental energy, it is strongly composed of fire followed by air. This makes him immensely passionate and can give him a dramatic, powerful and charismatic personality that leaves others inspired – or burnt if they get in the way of what he desires. Also, he is quite “all or nothing” in his approach to life and sees the world as black and white. To emphasize this even more, he has Pluto, the planet of domination and intensity, also in his Ascendant, mixing this energy with his identity.

Prince Charles
King Charles III has a Taurus moon.
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If we look at the main themes in his birth chart, we can see that there is an overwhelming amount of astrological aspects that indicate that he is a magnetic leader. His Venus, the planet of charm, is connected to Pluto, the planet of domination. He is much loved by others and can have an almost hypnotic effect on others, be it personal or professional. He can get involved in power struggles, but part of this is because he likes control and likes a challenge. His Jupiter opposes Uranus and brings him great optimism and high ideals, as well as an inventive and original character.

He likes to imagine endless possibilities of what he can do in the world. His Neptune opposes his Midheaven – or the pinnacle of professional public recognition – which further gives him a mesmerizing effect on others, but also can show that he always has his own very secret, very mysterious master plan. I absolutely love how his Jupiter aligns beautifully with his Saturn as this is a rare aspect of great leadership. He has strong morals and thrives on being active in society and has considerable ambition. Fortunately, he was born in a place where he can exercise this well and because of this planetary link, he can function as a fantastic manager and king, fluently balancing optimism, common sense and practicality.

Prince Charles
King Charles III has a Leo Ascendant.
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His Mars also sends sparks to his Midheaven, which gives him a lot of energy to get things done in his career and gives him many great achievements. His assertive nature is imbued with him on every level and this gives him natural strength. This is why, as king, he will enjoy his power and make many rapid and great changes. This will be an ongoing factor as he wants to be seen as the authority he is. While this is partly ego-driven – and I’ll be honest, he can make enemies by tangling people’s feathers quite easily – he ultimately wants to be a force for good.

Even as he peers even deeper into his birth chart, his moon, which rules his inner emotional life, also makes many contacts with planets. It dances right with Jupiter which brings him a generally sociable and friendly personality who takes great pride in his honor and integrity. It also orbits Saturn, which can make him cautious and reserved when he trusts others, but it also reveals that this aspect gave him a very deep and insightful relationship with his mother, the late Queen. His moon peers at Mercury, which brings him a brilliant mind, a sharp tongue, and a witty personality. Finally, his moon is connected to Mars, which also gives him a powerful, outgoing and daring temperament. He is strong, confident and daring. This shows that he picks the day every day and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Prince Charles Princess Diana
King Charles III married two women with Cancer Suns.
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Was King Charles III astrologically compatible with Princess Diana and Queen Consort Camilla Parker Bowles?

Let’s take a quick look at King Charles III and his two important partners. Princess Diana was born on July 1, 1961. This makes her a Cancer Sun with an Aquarius Moon and Sagittarius Ascendant. Camilla Parker Bowles was born on July 17, 1947. This makes her a Cancer Sun with a Cancer Moon and a Leo Ascendant. What I want to say right away about both of these women is that they each have a watery Cancer sun that so clearly resembles King Charles III’s Scorpio sun. Water drawing contests intuitively understand each other and he likes that both of his partners had a very maternal, homely side.

Yet each of these women also has a Fire sign Ascendant, just like him. There was a lot of spice and spunk with Princess Diana, as she had a much more impulsive side than Camilla. Camilla and King Charles III share the same Rising sign, showing that they go through similar patterns at the same time and also have a deep sense of understanding. I certainly understand why he was first attracted to Princess Diana, but eventually settled with Camilla after the unfortunate passing of the late royal.

Prince Charles
What awaits us in the reign of King Charles III? The stars have a lot to say
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What are the predictions for King Charles III?

So what awaits the great new king? First and foremost, Jupiter, the planet of miracles, will be at the top of its chart for much of 2023 and 2024 – revealing that it is at the peak of its professional life and public recognition. The whole world will be watching him as he strikes forward and asserts himself.

He has gone through powerful eclipses starting all the way back at the end of 2021 to the end of 2023 about moving to new heights and recreating himself, and also being reborn as a phoenix in the next era in the future. Many of these eclipses also shift things for him in his career — as well as his home, family, and yes, mom. These transformations were literally written in the stars. May a bright, beautiful reign await him. You heard it here first.

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