Harry Styles’ pleasant beauty brand launches make-up

Harry Styles puts a new face forward.

Now that the drama-filled “Don’t Worry Darling” press tour is over, the singer is turning attention to his beauty brand, Pleasing, which is launching its first-ever makeup line.

On Wednesday, the brand announced its first-ever collaboration, a collaboration with Brazilian-born fashion designer Marco Ribeiro with a colorful collection of products.

“To me, the way Marco uses color is so inspiring,” Styles, 28, told Vogue.

“Everything he makes radiates fun, joy and playfulness. When we talked about employees for Pleasing, Marco was the first person I wanted to ask.”

Rather than offering the usual eyeshadows, blushes and the like, the limited-edition line features multi-purpose products in both powder and cream formulations that can be used creatively where and how the customer wants, according to a press release.

The Pressed Powder Pigments Palette ($50) contains eight wet-to-dry shades that can be applied with fingers, brushes, or sponges. There’s also a trio of Universal Cream Pigments ($40) in an intense teal and a bright yellow (great for the eyes) and a bright pink (perfect for lips and cheeks).

A multiple gloss medium ($25) can be mixed with any of the pigments to create a lip gloss or liquid eyeshadow or liner.

Plus, no pleasing drop would be complete without new nail polish colors: a matte brown, orange, lime green, turquoise, and burgundy ($20 each, or $65 for a set).

There’s even merch, with Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro Hoodies ($110) in two colors.

Pleasant nail polish
Marco Ribeiro will debut the collection at his Paris Fashion Week presentation on September 29.

Pleasing x Marco Ribeiro will debut at the designer’s Paris Fashion Week presentation on September 29 and will be available on Pleasing’s website the same day at noon ET.

Styles’ brand previously offered nail polish, skincare and clothing – with his girlfriend, Olivia Wilde, who occasionally rocked Pleasing merch.

And while he’s long been known for his colorful manicures and equally vibrant outfits, he now has bold makeup to match.

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