Grimes shares photo of bandaged face after surgery on ‘elfoor’

Grimes has done “smthn crazy!”

The singer, 34, shared a photo of her face on Twitter on Saturday, after previously telling fans she wanted to go under the knife for “elfoor” surgery.

Fans quickly went to the answers section of her post to ask for confirmation that she had actually gone through the procedure.

“I hope she has them, I’d be so excited!” one person wrote, while another added, “YOU DID THE EARS???”

“Omg, who’s your surgeon, you look amazing,” interrupted a third.

Others mocked the selfie, writing things like, “Turned into an egg?”, “Does she crave attention?” and “mother what have you done…?”

Based on a series of tweets dating back to mid-August, Grimes (real name: Claire Elise Boucher) seemed at least somewhat seriously considering having the surgery. The surgery involves surgically sculpting the cartilage of a patient’s ears into the pointed shape commonly associated with elfin creatures in the fantasy genre.

She initially brought up the idea on August 15, asking for insight from followers who had undergone the quirky transformation.

“Has anyone done 11 ear mods with good results? I’m afraid ear cartilage is difficult to heal,” she tweeted at the time. “Especially as a musician, this surgery seems risky, but I’ve wanted it all my life. Curious about people’s experiences!”

The next day, her ex Elon Musk shot into the wire with a bit of literal snark.

“The downside of fairy ear surgery probably outweighs the benefits,” argued the 51-year-old SpaceX CEO.

Grimes and Elon Musk
The ex of the singer Elon Musk previously weighed in on her interest in the operation.
Getty Images for Vogue

Grimes backed away wistfully. Tbh, this sounds like a job for crispr. Sad to be born just a few generations premature 🧝🏻‍♀️😪🧝🏻‍♀️,” she tweetedreferring to the revolutionary CRISPR gene editing biotechnology capable of strategically altering the genetic code of a human individual.

Reply to later a fan’s tweet featuring a series of digital avatars with elf ears in her likeness on August 17, Grimes wrote:“Wow, I love this fucking one.”

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