Greyson Chance Doubles Down on Ellen DeGeneres’ Criticism

Ellen DeGeneres’ protégée Greyson Chance doubled down on his claims that the comedian is “manipulative” and “opportunistic” in a scathing new TikTok video.

“I’m all behind it,” the 25-year-old singer said on Thursday, shortly after his amazing Rolling Stone interview about the talk show host, 64, was published.

“I’ve wanted to tell this story for several years now and was repeatedly told not to,” Chance explained.

“But the truth is that what you saw on TV and what was brought to the mainstream just wasn’t what happened behind the scenes.”

The songwriter added that “what happened to? [him] as a kid wasn’t cool,” leading to “PTSD” and “trauma.”

Ellen DeGeneres and Greyson Chance
Greyson Chance told his TikTok followers that he stands by his criticism of Ellen DeGeneres.
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Chance said: “I’m sure people have a lot to say about the article and how I might come across as ungrateful to [DeGeneres’] efforts in the beginning, and the truth is I’m thankful she gave me a start, but I’m more thankful to myself for the times when I was dropped and everything went wrong when I was a kid.

He thanked his teenage self, who was able to “pick up the pieces” and “fight.”

In his Rolling Stone interview, Chance reflected on DeGeneres promising to “protect” him after she signed him to her label, elfeleven, helping him secure executives, a booking agent, a publicist, and a brand agent.

The Daytime Emmy winner – who was previously accused of creating a “toxic” work environment before wrapping up her show in May – reportedly became “dominant” and caused the “Shut Up” singer to become “a pawn in [her] game.”

Ellen DeGeneres and Greyson Chance
Chance became DeGeneres’ protégé in 2010.
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Chance claimed that DeGeneres was often “humiliating” writing, “My whole week, my whole month, my whole year can change [with] a text from her. That was terrible.”

While the musician acknowledged that his former mentor was instrumental in his early success, he accused her of “being nowhere to be found” when he was dropped from her label in November 2021.

Chance released his latest album on Thursday, “Palladium,” which a source close to DeGeneres told Vidak For Congress was solely “useful.”[ly]timed to his interview with the music magazine.

Ellen DeGeneres
The talk show host was previously accused of creating a “toxic” workplace.
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The insider further denied that the former child star was portraying their working relationship, claiming that DeGeneres would do anything for Chance.

Social media users showed the “Timekeeper” singer in his TikTok comments, writing that they are “proud of” Chance for being “vulnerable”.

However, other followers noted that the situation “didn’t seem that bad”.

One explained: “Everything I [see is] a business relationship. She invested in you, so that’s why she wanted to be involved in every aspect.”

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