Grafana open source its on-call management tool – Vidak For Congress

Last November, Grafana Labs launched OnCall, an on-call management tool for DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) teams, as part of the fully managed Grafana Cloud service. Today, the company announced that it is making this tool open source, which should make it easier for companies in regulated industries that cannot use the Grafana Cloud to use it as well. It’s worth noting that OnCall is also part of the free Grafana Cloud offering.

“We wanted to make OnCall open source as soon as we thought it was ready for users to run it easily and reliably on their own,” said co-creator of the project and Grafana Labs Senior Engineering Manager Matvey Kukuy. “We feel it’s done now.”

Grafana open source its on-call management tool - Vidak For Congress 1

Image Credits: Grafana

To build OnCall, Grafana Labs acquired Kukuv’s startup Amixr last year, which he co-founded with Ildar Iskhakov in 2018. The idea here is to give teams one tool that can manage alerts from Grafana, Prometheus, and Alertmanager. The service allows teams to create and manage call schedules, build automatic escalations if something goes wrong, and, of course, it also integrates with services such as New Relic and Datadog.

In addition to Open-sourcing OnCall, the company, which is hosting its GrafanaCONline community event this week, also launched Grafana 90 today. It includes features such as a visual query builder for Prometheus and Grafana Loki, making it easier for more developers to build queries without learning the underlying query languages, as well as dashboard previews and a modernized heatmap panel.

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