Gordon Ramsay criticized for video that lamb chooses to kill and eat

Gordon Lamb-say.

Gordon Ramsay ended up in hot water after he posted a TikTok video in which he chose a lamb to slaughter and eat.

In the video uploaded on Thursday, the celebrity chef, 55, can be seen sneaking into a coop with lambs and singing, “Yummy yum yum. I’m going to eat you!”

Then he asked the lambs that approached him, “Which one goes into the oven first?”

“You!” he said, pointing to one of the animals before jumping into the enclosure, causing them to run in fear.

Ramsay closed the video with the words, “Oven time!”

“The lamb sauce was still not found when making this video…” he captioned the clip which has already garnered more than 800,000 likes.

Gordon Ramsay in TikTok video.
Gordon Ramsay was criticized for posting a video in which he chose a lamb to eat.

The caption cheekily references a viral video from a 2006 episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” where Ramsay yells profanity at chefs and yells, “Where’s the lamb sauce?”

Despite his funny demeanor, not everyone was enamored with the British chef’s antics, many of whom expressed their distaste in the comment section.

Gordon Ramsay, lambs
The lambs could be seen running away from the celebrity chef.

“Okay, I think Gordon has finally lost it. 💀 Someone does something before they have to [sic] late,” one person wrote.

“Okay, I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but that’s going too far,” commented a second person.

“I’m not vegan, but this really makes me sad,” added a third, a sentiment shared by many.

Ramsay has not yet commented on the uproar.

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