Fans Outraged at Ticketmaster Selling $5,000 Springsteen Tickets

Bruce Springsteen fans miss the glory days of reasonably priced tickets.

Floor seats to see the King on his 2023 US tour range from $4,000 to $5,000 on Ticketmaster due to the service’s “dynamic pricing system” that allows for extreme inflation due to high demand.

Even nosebleeds go for over $1K as “platinum tickets,” which are simply thought of as seats sold in all sections of a venue, by point of sale.

A Springsteen fan, @puffwoody, spotted tickets go for $1,125 for an upcoming Albany show, what a “f–k off!” tweet in response.

“I’m rich and I think that’s fucking crazy,” podcast producer John Palumbo said in a video rant about the prices.

The Post has contacted Ticketmaster for comment.

Fans are confused about Ticketmaster selling Bruce Springsteen tickets for thousands of dollars.
Fans are confused about Ticketmaster selling Bruce Springsteen tickets for thousands of dollars.

Almost a bigger slap in the face to these inflation-weakened customers is Ticketmaster’s claim that the dynamic method aims to “price tickets closer to their real value,” reads an FAQ page.

“I’m sure you won’t see this @springsteen, but you or your management should talk to the abhorrent criminals who run @Ticketmaster and charge exorbitant amounts of money to see you perform. Please listen to your fans, no one can afford these ridiculous ticket prices.” posted @Danny_Biggane.

“Dear children, I have just spent your legacy on @springsteen tickets. Love mom.” tweeted @Kellylaw1216.

But Bruce is just the latest performer to have his show blinded by the light of Ticketmaster’s absurd inflation.

Tickets to Bruce Springsteen's upcoming tour are costing fans thousands of dollars.
Tickets to Bruce Springsteen’s upcoming tour are costing fans thousands of dollars.

Fans saw that Paramore tickets to an upcoming show in Chicago were billed at $8,018 and artists like Drake, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have also had their prices skyrocketed.

Earlier this month, Drake fans had to cough up between $573 and $1,480 to see his Young Money reunion show in Canada. Harry Styles fans were outraged in May when prices topped $1K and Swifties complained in 2018 that tickets originally costing $595 were selling just below $1K.

Around the time of Taylor Swift’s bad blood, the dynamic pricing method was even mentioned by other ticketing services.

“Ticketmaster Platinum uses a dynamic pricing strategy, which allows the price of a ticket to fluctuate based on demand. They control the demand for tickets by dropping these tickets onto the market, which increases demand and in turn charges an excessive amount!” Tweeted Vibe Ticketsa “totally free” market space to sell or buy tickets.

Now fans are calling on the acts themselves to intervene and stop this chaos.

“The world should be discussing Ticketmaster’s monopoly on events right now,” wrote @yesthisisross. “It’s unethical and artists need to speak out.”

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