Exec skips Out mag party after getting Monkeypox and COVID

An Out exec stays inside.

One of the organizers of a party honoring Neil Patrick Harris’ Out magazine cover was forced to pull out of the bash in New York City’s Nebula after discovering he has Monkeypox. and covid.

Michael Kelley, co-owner of EqualPride, the company that bought the LGBTQ publications Out Magazine and the attorney earlier this year, told Vidak For Congress that he was looking forward to hopping on a plane to New York to celebrate their cover boy until he finds a got a double deal. whammy: A Monkeypox (MPV) diagnosis and two positive COVID-19 tests.

“I was disappointed and devastated that I couldn’t attend the premiere to celebrate [Out’s] Coverage of the 30th anniversary,” Kelley told us.

After he started itching Monday and noticed matching spots on individual body parts, Kelley said he knew he had to “make the right decision to isolate immediately.”

Michael Kelly
Kelley launched an MPV 101 series on EqualPride’s platforms, including Out, to spread awareness about the virus.

He also “accidentally” discovered his COVID diagnosis while testing for Monkeypox. He says he is now testing negative for COVID: “I have a vaccine for” [Monkeypox} on July 8.”

“I’m a product of science. I have minimal symptoms because of vaccines and antivirals,” he said.

Kelley added that they’re launching a series called “MPV 101” on the websites for Out, the Advocate and Pride to spread awareness about the virus.

Neil Patrick Harris
Harris was celebrated for his most recent cover on Out magazine.
Variety via Getty Images

Meanwhile, at the party, George Wayne, Darren Starr and Harris’s “Uncoupled” co-star Tisha Campbell all showed up at the Times Square nightclub to celebrate.

A spy told us Wayne approached Starr and asked for a cameo in the second season of “Sex and the City” reboot, “And Just Like That” because he claimed “he introduced [“Sex and the City” author] Candace Bushnell to the inspiration for Mr. Big in real life, creating Darren’s show,” the spy said.

"disconnected" form
The bash has been dubbed the official premiere party for Harris’ new Netflix show “Uncoupled.”
Variety via Getty Images

We’ll be on the lookout for that cameo when it happens.

We hear that Harris was one of the last to leave the club.

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