Elizabeth Chambers Reportedly Posed as a Friend to Leak Armie Hammer Stories

Armie Hammer’s estranged wife allegedly used a friend’s email to leak stories about him to the press.

In screenshots of text messages and DMs obtained by Vidak For Congress, Elizabeth Chambers appears to tell her now-ex-boyfriend that she logged into her email pretending to be her to plant stories about Hammer, including one that claimed that he flirted with actress Lily James, well before the “Call Me By Your Name” star became front-page news for his so-called “cannibal” fantasies.

In October 2020 — three months after Chambers and Hammer jointly announced their divorce — a text message reportedly sent by the Bird Bakery founder tells her to tell her friend to “go back to commenting and sending tips.” ”.

“Oh yeah, excerpts from his disastrous GQ cover shoot,” Chambers reportedly writes. “We need to get back to commenting and sending tips. This time to the Daily Mail in the sun about Lily James.’

In the original Daily Mail story, a source described Chambers as “devastated” and “heartbroken” by the alleged reports, adding: “She’s an amazing woman. She doesn’t deserve this. You couldn’t ask for a more beautiful devoted woman and she is a wonderful mother to their two little ones.”

James previously denied an affair between her and Hammer.

That particular message came the same month that Hammer filed for joint custody of their two children, Harper and Ford.

Elizabeth Chambers sitting in front of her laptop
Elizabeth Chambers reportedly posed as her boyfriend to leak information about her now estranged husband, Armie Hammer.

In another exchange, Chambers appears to be asking her boyfriend to leak photos and videos of the “Social Network” star’s finsta, who became widely known in January 2021 when his sexual misconduct scandal first erupted. Hammer denies any allegation.

“Please ask her to pay close attention to his captions and let her know if any of the last nine attachments you just sent didn’t come through,” Chambers is said to have texted her boyfriend. “It’s very important that she gets everything” before teasing that “more will come”.

“I want her to agree that she will only attribute this to one of his many victims.”

Armie Hammer is having breakfast with a friend

The friend tells Vidak For Congress that she came forward about Chambers’ alleged actions because she was no longer comfortable with the arrangement.


2020 E!  People's Choice Awards - Backstage

The friend tells Vidak For Congress that she came forward about Chambers’ alleged actions because she was no longer comfortable with the arrangement.

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The supermodel was noticeably absent from the Buccaneers’ home opener…

In another conversation, Chambers’ friend appears to be asking the TV personality if House of Effie, one of the alleged victims of the “Call Me By Your Name” star, is “OK.”

“Yeah, she’s just dramatic,” Chambers is said to have replied. “And they’re all crazy.”

Neither Chambers’ representatives nor Hammer’s attorney immediately responded to Vidak For Congress’s requests for comment; however, they declined to comment on CNN, which first reported the news.

Elizabeth Chambers poses with her son and daughter in the grass
The founder of Bird Bakery and star of ‘Social Network’ share two children.

As Vidak For Congress previously reported, Chambers appeared to be working with Effie to try and get custody of her children; however, Chambers recently said in a new interview that she and the “Death on the Nile” actor are in a “really great place.”

“Given the magnitude and nature of the allegations made, Elizabeth sought to establish the truth of those allegations,” a statement from Chambers’s representative to Vidak For Congress read at the time. “She was very sensitive to all parties involved. The safety and well-being of their children remains her priority.”

Chambers’ now ex-boyfriend tells Vidak For Congress that she came forward with the screenshots because she no longer felt comfortable.

“She asked and she was my friend,” the friend tells Vidak For Congress why she let her use her profiles. “At first it seemed completely harmless because it’s not the main email I use. Then I saw everything she was writing and saying and I felt super uncomfortable and lied to her and told me to change my password because [sic] I was hacked.”

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