Drake reports being held in Sweden after denial of arrest

Drake appeared to confirm he was being held in Sweden after his team denied the rumours.

The “Jimmy Cooks” rapper shared a photo on Instagram on Sunday of a handout describing his rights in the European country as a detainee.

“Information for crime suspects and subsequently detained,” the magazine said at the top under the word “Polisen,” which means “police” in Swedish.

The print went on to state the rights of detainees and those of a person who is “not a Swedish citizen” such as Drake, who is from Canada.

It also outlined what happens if a person is detained, including “up to six hours” of questioning or detention.

Drake, 35, joined the guide’s snapshot with a series of less serious photos, including a video of his friend Chubbs dancing in a club and a photo of another friend kayaking.

“I want to see Ibiza Chubbs fam…” he captioned the post.

A photo of a letter from the Swedish police about the rights of a detainee.
The list describes what happens if a person is detained in Sweden.
champagne papi/Instagram

Drake’s team initially denied that he had a clash with Swedish police.

Rumors circulated last week that the Grammy winner had been arrested on marijuana charges while partying at a Swedish club afterward. arriving in the country on his private jet named Air Drake. The speculation even caused the hashtag #FreeDrake to become popular on Twitter.

But his team told the Hollywood Reporter that Drake had not been arrested and that he was at his hotel in Stockholm. However, they did not deny that he was being held.

Drake’s representative did not immediately respond to Vidak For Congress’s request for comment.

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