Christine Baranski ‘dissing’ Elon Musk in Met Gala viral photo

Christine Baranski admitted she “dissed” Elon Musk as a photo of the actress stare at the founder of SpaceX was snapped at the 2022 Met Gala.

“The funny thing is, I can’t remember going back and watching him,” the “Good Fight” star told Entertainment Weekly on Wednesday.

She added: “I was actually laughing at him while I was waiting in line to eat.”

Baranski explained to the magazine that someone she was with pointed Musk after her and she replied, “I actually said” [to my friend]”I don’t know what you think of him, but why is he spending billions of dollars on space if he could clean up the planet?” I am an environmentalist.”

Despite her disapproval of Musk’s spending habits, Baranski, 70, didn’t want to get angry at TESLA’s CEO.

“I must have returned and looked at some point, but I didn’t pose for that photo,” she explained.

Christine Baranski pictured at a red carpet event in New York.
Christine Baranski reveals what happened when she watched Elon Musk at the 2022 Met Gala.
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Baranski also shared that returning “Good Fight” and “Good Wife” character Neil Gross, a billionaire close to Musk, will return for the show’s final season.

“I get to bash the billionaires a little bit,” said the “Mamma Mia” actress. “I added a few lines [to the script]and I will even include Elon Musk in the final episode.”

Elon Musk at an event in New York.
Musk recently made headlines for secretly welcoming twins with one of his top executives.

The series stars John Benjamin Hickey Gross, the founder of Chumhum, a billion dollar search engine.

Musk recently made headlines after secretly welcoming twins with one of his top executives at Neuralink, Shivon Zilis, in November 2021.

Musk has 10 children by different women: Nevada Alexander, who died as a baby, 18-year-old twins Griffin and Vivian, 16-year-old triplets Kai, Saxon and Damian, 2-year-old son X AE A- XII, 4 months old daughter Exa Dark Sideræl, and the twin he shares with Zilis whose names are unknown.

The richest man in the world was last linked to 27-year-old Britney Ever After actress Natasha Bassett.

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