Christina Haack denounces Ant Anstead’s ‘manipulation tactics’

Christina Haack said she was “mentally exhausted” by ex-husband Ant Anstead’s “false accusations” after he claimed she exploited their son, Hudson, on social media.

The ‘Christina on the Coast’ star responded to the accusations made by the former ‘Wheeler Dealers’ host in an Instagram post announcing that she would no longer share photos of 3-year-old Hudson.

“I am mentally exhausted by the recent false accusations against me,” Haack wrote in a selfie she posted Sunday afternoon.

“Hudson’s father has made attempts to turn my family, friends and fans against me through manipulation tactics and false information.”

The HGTV star, 39, said Anstead’s actions have had a “big impact” on her and her “household,” which now includes husband Josh Hall, so she has officially decided to remove Hudson from her social media profiles or TV shows. until “he is old enough to make this decision for himself.”

“I’ve always been okay with Hudson not appearing on public platforms and I made that clear,” she wrote. “My only reason for wanting to see him in my shows has always been to participate in the fun activities/outings with our family/siblings.”

Haack continued to hit back at the English TV presenter, 43, saying that he has been using Instagram since July 2020 to “assess the kind of parent” she is.

“This is unnecessary pressure for a platform that should be used to share chosen moments, rather than a judgment tool… especially as this is a very small part of my personal life, with the rest being kept between me and my family “, she says. wrote.

Christina Haack on a beach with son Hudson.
The star of “Christina on the Coast” agreed not to show Hudson again.

Haack concluded that Hudson will be “fine” not to be presented publicly.

“My personal collection of photos on my phone and in our house is filled with memories of my kids, so Hudson will be just fine without showing his presence on a public forum,” she wrote.

In court documents filed last week, the host of “Celebrity IOU Joyride” cited the suicide of former “Toddlers and Tiaras” star Kailia Posey earlier this year as an example of the “lingering effects” of forced public life.

Christina Haack sleeps in bed with son Hudson.
Haack and Anstead finalized their divorce in 2021.

“One of my many fears that Hudson will be forced to film reality TV is the possibility that public ridicule over apparently benign content will become insurmountably demeaning,” he claimed. “I urge the courts to review the recent and tragic case of Kailia Posey and a defining embarrassing meme.”

In court documents obtained by Vidak For Congress, Haack replied: “I never exploited our son Hudson. He appeared in a few of my own Instagram ads that each took less than 5 minutes to film. I have all the footage and it were all fun activities that he liked to do, such as playing with toys or baking cookies.”

She further claimed that “nothing was forced”.

Anstead and Haack welcomed Hudson in September 2019, but split a year later. They finalized their divorce in June 2021 and Haack has since moved on and married Hall, her third husband.

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