What is known and what is unknown about cannabidiol (CBD)

Media coverage of cannabidiol (CBD) is common, and it’s possible to see it promoted as a supplement to your morning coffee or smoothie after working exercise. Even a sports bra with CBD infusion is available. However, what is CBD exactly? Why is it so well-liked, then? Read More: CBD oil benefits cannabis edibles What distinguishes … Read more

A Comprehensive Guide to All Sex Toys (Yes, Even the Vajankle)

Surprisingly, experts studying the deep water have more knowledge about the Mariana Trench than they do about sex toys. We are compelled to conclude as much when we see the Vajankle, the Shrek butt plug, and all those tentacle dildos on Etsy, at least. We consider ourselves to be explorers of some [hoists sail] physical … Read more

Opinion Black Sky Considering Green Issues: Music, Hashish And You

Guide to discovering crime statistics Methodology Exercise time till angina showed a reduction of 50% after smoking a marijuana cigarette versus 23% reduction after smoking one high-nicotine cigarette [9]. To fill gaps within the data, one of many biggest studies into cannabis use ever undertaken is going on right now at Kings College in London. … Read more

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