Cardi B bares her ass in dangerously low-cut dress

When Cardi B knocked, “On my a– because I really like the pain,” she meant it.

The Grammy winner gave Kim Kardashian a run for her money on Monday, baring her bum in a plunging backless dress for a series of steamy Instagram photos with husband Offset.

The sassy black dress fell so low that almost her entire derrière could be seen—along with the colorful tattoo that runs from the top of Cardi’s back all the way down her left thigh.

The huge artwork with bright flowers, butterflies and a hummingbird was created by Jamie Schene of Union3Tattoo over the course of “several months,” as Cardi told fans when the piece was unveiled in 2020.

The “WAP” hitmaker, 29, rocked tousled curls, a glamorous red lip and diamond rings along with the outrageous strappy style.

“I fight for my bitches and I fight for dk too,” she captioned the photos.

cardi b and offset
Most fans liked the low-cut look, but a few urged her to pull up her dress.

“I think your dress is torn,” one comedian joked, while another commenter called it “easy access.”

Others weren’t fans of the look, with comments like, “Ladies, please don’t make this a trend,” and “Cardi pull up your dress.”

The raunchy photos come amid the star’s feud with fellow rapper Akbar V, who appeared to be subtweeting Cardi’s “Tomorrow 2” music video after it gained more than six million views on YouTube.

Cardi B organizes fashion night out

The “WAP” rapper is known for her sexy styles.

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Wireless Festival: Birmingham

The “WAP” rapper is known for her sexy styles.

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Next one

Once the judge signs Maloney’s paperwork, which indicated…

Cardiac responded, “I don’t like internet games…My dms is open and so is the street!” and: “I don’t have to @ I can change a bi-life just by mentioning…AND YES I HIT THEM DIRECTLY, I don’t do the internet!!”

She may not “do” the Internet, but that doesn’t stop her from breaking it.

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