Camila Cabello Reveals COVID-19 Diagnosis By Dancing With DayQuil

Camila Cabello announced she contracted COVID-19 with a smiley, dance-filled video shared on TikTok this week.

The singer filmed herself in bed busting out the moves to Pitbull’s “Watagatapitusberry (Remix)” — using a bottle of DayQuil, menthold amp rub, and cough drops as her props.

“I have the rona,” Cabello, 25, captioned it.

Many TikTok users took to the comments section to send her well wishes, while others were noticeably in her favor.

“I could never be so energetic when I’m sick,” one user wrote, while another added, “I think you have a false positive sister.”

A third person commented, “Well, at least you have [a] great sense of humor about it and don’t let it knock you down.. blessings ☝🙏🤣😂🤪😉🤙.”

Posting the energetic video on her Instagram story later, the “Havana” singer wrote, “If you have the rona and are still going to live it in isolation, make some f-chin noise.”

Singer Camila Cabello opens breast rub packaging with her mouth
In her TikTok video, Cabello humorously went on to open the package of the menthol chest rub with her teeth.
Camila Cabello is holding DayQuil.
The singer danced along to the 2010 Pitbull song with DayQuil in hand.

Cabello has been open with fans about medical issues in the past, including her struggles with mental health.

“There are different degrees of mental health that people struggle with, but I think whether it’s life-changing or life-saving, if you bottle that up and pretend it affects your health,” she said. Rolling Stone in May.

“Talking about things I’ve been through that I’ve never talked about before was really healing for me,” she continued. “It just made me so much more open and vulnerable in my friendships, and then in my performances, and then in my interviews. It had this knock-on effect in every other area of ​​my life.”

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