Busy Philipps on abortion rights arrest and getting votes

The busy Philipps doesn’t back down when it comes to the fight for reproductive rights.

The “Freaks and Geeks” actress has spoken openly about her own abortion at age 15, and in the wake of Roe v. Wade’s turnaround in June, she was arrested while protesting for abortion rights outside the Supreme Court — a trade-off. which she tells Vidak For Congress. Style was “a bit of a no-brainer.”

“It was an act of civil disobedience, and it was the first time Planned Parenthood has had a planned act of civil disobedience in their history,” Philipps said.

“And part of the reason why, of course, is because of Dobbs’ decision and what’s happening now, what’s at stake. And just to keep people attentive; you have to show up and demand that people keep paying attention.”

The podcaster “Busy Philipps Is Doing Her Best,” praised Alexis McGill Johnson, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood, adding, “I would do anything for her and to keep reproductive rights and abortion safe for all people, no matter where they live. happen to live.”

On Tuesday, Philipps spent her National Voter Registration Day at Argent and Supermajority’s “Voting Suits You” pop-up store in Soho, where she helped New Yorkers register to vote in November.

And in Argent’s viral pink pantsuit — the one that appeared on countless stars, sold out within 24 hours in 2020, and is now back in stock, with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Supermajority — she was definitely dressed for the occasion.

Philipps poses outside the Argent x Supermajority pop-up in Soho.
Philipps poses outside the Argent x Supermajority pop-up in Soho.
Getty Images for Supermajority

“Every election is important… and where we are in our country right now has a lot to do with participating in local and state elections. It’s not right [about] appear and vote in presidential elections every four years; these other races are important,” Phillips says.

“Rolling back women’s reproductive rights through TRAP [targeted regulation of abortion providers] laws happened at the state level. Gerrymandering of districts is done at the state and local levels. After the Dobbs decision, people seem to really pay attention to how we got here. And voting is one of the ways we can get out of it.”

The Voting Suits You pop-up is located at 27 Mercer Street in Soho and is open from Tuesday, September 20 through Monday, September 26.

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