‘Buckhead Shore’ star hopes to reconnect with former ‘babysitter’ Beyoncé

Before the world knew Beyoncé as Queen Bey, DJ Simmons knew her as his nanny.

“Beyonce always looked after me…she was sweet, caring, loving, giving and nurturing,” the “Buckhead Shore” star, who is the son of Grammy-winning music producer and songwriter Daryl Simmons, told Vidak For Congress.

“If I can, I want to contact her. Hopefully this show will make me famous enough. But if not, I’ll keep firing my shot.”

DJ Simmons told us he wants to get back in touch with his former “babysitter” Beyoncé.

The reality star, whose new series debuts on MTV on Thursday, kept gushing about what it was like hanging out with the musical icon before she was famous.

†[My dad] Beyoncé signed when she was 15 years old. She sang with Destiny’s Child [but] they weren’t called Destiny’s Child back then,” DJ told us about Daryl, who has also worked with Whitney Houston, TLC, Boyz ll Men and Toni Braxton, among others.

DJ Simons
He described her as a “sweet, caring, loving” nanny.

DJ recalled occasions when “Beyoncé and Kelly Rowland would sit at his house” to make sure he was “straight” when his parents left and went out to dinner.

“So I can say that Beyoncé was my nanny,” he added proudly.

Buckhead Shore
“Buckhead Shore” debuts Thursday on MTV.

DJ currently stars in “Buckhead Shore,” which follows a group of friends as they spend the summer in Buckhead, Georgia, a town less than eight miles from Atlanta.

Unlike similar reality shows, the cast of the latest “Jersey Shore” spin-off are already longtime friends and will spend the summer months in a family lake house.

Buckhead Shore
The show is the latest “Jersey Shore” spin-off.

Fans can expect a lot of drama and romance as everyone in the show lives under one roof.

“Buckhead Shore” premieres Thursday at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.

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