Britney Spears goes to a bar for the first time with her assistant

Greetings, Britney!

Britney Spears, 40, revealed on Thursday that she has set foot in a bar for the first time ever.

Sitting at the bar of a restaurant and enjoying a cocktail with her assistant, the singer captured the milestone on her Instagram Story.

“This is my first time in a bar. The first time,” Spears, rocking large sunglasses and her signature choker, told the camera. “I feel so luxurious and I feel so sophisticated.”

“We’re having a drink,” her assistant, Victoria Asher, added as Spears pointed the camera at her.

The “Gimme More” singer sarcastically wrote on her videos: “So glad they stripped me of my right to drink a cocktail for 13 years. I’m so grateful to you all.”

Britney Spears laughs
Britney Spears revealed on Thursday that she went to a bar for the first time.

Over the years, Spears’ team and family have been adamant about keeping the mother of two from alcohol.

In 2018, Vidak For Congress reported that her team had banned from serving alcohol backstage while she was on tour.

In addition, a clause in her conservatorship – which had been in effect for more than 13 years – stated that she was not allowed to drink.

Victoria Asher
Spears was accompanied by her assistant, Victoria Asher.

A month ago, Spears even claimed in a now-deleted Instagram post that her father, Jamie Spears, and her brother, Bryan Spears, had her undergo multiple drug tests a week.

She also claimed that from 2013 to 2017, she was not allowed to drink alcohol during her four-year residency in Las Vegas.

Britney Spears
Spears claimed she was not allowed to consume alcohol during her four-year residency in Vegas and had been tested for drugs multiple times over the past 13 years.
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Britney is enjoying life to the full after a Los Angeles judge agreed to end Spears’ custody in November.

“The court finds that custody of the person and estate of Britney Spears is no longer required,” Judge Brenda Penny announced during the hearing in a Los Angeles County Superior Court, putting her in control of her estate of $60 million.

Since then, Britney, who recently married her longtime boyfriend Sam Asghari, has spoken out against her family on social media.

At a hearing on Wednesday, a judge ruled that Britney does not need to sit for a statement in her conservatorship case.

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