Bird plans to lay off 23% of staff – Vidak For Congress

Bird plans to lay off 23% of staff – Vidak For Congress 1

Shared micromobility company Bird plans to lay off 23% of its staff, according to technical layoff tracker

The tech tracker attributes the news about the layoffs to an internal memo, but certain LinkedIn messages from former Bird employees confirm the news.

We hate to say it, but we saw this coming, and not just because of the massive layoffs in the tech space that caused 16,000 tech workers to lose their jobs last month. When Bird released its first quarter 2022 results in May, the company said it plans to “streamline and consolidate its resources against its core businesses” to get closer to profitable margins.

Part of that plan was reflected in Bird taking a break from his retail business – Bird had previously boosted sales of its own e-bikes and e-scooters. But as we reported last month, layoffs were also to be expected.

Last month, Bird did not confirm whether layoffs lay in the future of the company, and did not respond in a timely manner to requests for more information from Vidak For Congress.

At the time of writing, Bird has 1,041 employees on LinkedIn, although that number has likely decreased since the release of the internal memo. That said, 23% of 1,041 means about 240 Bird employees will go looking for work. shows that most of the layoffs will take place in Los Angeles, but Vidak For Congress is yet to confirm this.

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