Beanie Feldstein Diagnosed With Tonsillitis And Will Miss More ‘Funny Girl’ Shows

Beanie Feldstein will miss this weekend’s “Funny Girl” shows after being diagnosed with tonsillitis.

On Friday, the Broadway star took to Instagram to announce the diagnosis and the news that she’s not allowed to perform.

“Hi everyone, I’m just checking in. What have I missed? What’s going on?” Feldstein sarcastically began the video amid the announcement that Lea Michele would be taking over her role as Fanny Brice in the production.

“I just got back from the ear, nose and throat doctor who told me I have tonsillitis, which is extremely contagious,” said the 29-year-old.

“And she can’t let me go back on stage all weekend until I have enough antibiotics in my system to stop being contagious.”

“The last thing I would want on this earth is make the people I love sick, and I just can’t be on stage all weekend,” the Golden Globe nominee continued. “I can’t wait to do my last two weeks … and you just have to laugh at some point. When it rains, it pours over your old friend Bean.”

Hat Feldstein in "Funny girl."
Sources say Feldstein “blinded” producers by announcing her early departure on Sunday.
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The news comes less than a week after the “Funny Girl” actress announced she would be leaving the show on July 31, a month earlier than fans had expected. On Instagram, Feldstein said her decision was the result of the producers’ decision to “steer the show in a different direction”.

hat Feldstein
Producers gave the role to Lea Michele after Feldstein’s performance received mixed reviews from critics.
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That new “direction” went straight to “Glee” star, who was announced the next day as the show’s new lead. Sources told Vidak For Congress that Feldstein was “basically fired” after the show received mixed reviews, which resulted in her decision to give up the role early.

Michele will take on the role of Fanny Brice in Broadway’s revival of “Funny Girl” on September 6.

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