AutoStore launches “improved workstations” for warehouse automation 2023

AutoStore, a provider of robotic equipment for warehouses, has introduced FusionPort and FusionPort Staging, two new workstations that focus operational efficiency, operator productivity, and ergonomics.

The workstations include sophisticated integration capabilities to handle a variety of automation technology solutions and will be offered worldwide beginning April 12.

FusionPort enhances staff productivity by providing two slanted order-picking Bin openings and visual picking aids, which were designed from warehouse operators’ well-being in mind.

These features streamline order picking by giving visual signals with a pick-to-light system for quick item identification and eliminate the repetitive actions operators must perform while physically moving goods from one area to another.

Moreover, the station is equipped with an upgraded safety hatch that restricts entry to the Bins until the Port is ready for harvesting.


AutoStore’s chief product officer, Carlos Fernandez, explains: “Today’s businesses must optimize their picking process in order to satisfy increasing client needs, but in order to do so, warehouses must be outfitted with technologies that enable their staff to operate efficiently and securely.

This is why we’re delighted to introduce FusionPort and FusionPort Staging, which will allow businesses to better service their employees while using AutoStore’s renowned technology.

FusionPort Staging was designed by AutoStore based on a comprehensive understanding of the space restrictions warehouses confront while keeping merchandise in staging areas.

The workstation consolidates order picking and staging into a single Port, enabling firms to streamline processes and decrease real estate and expenses by minimizing the amount of staging area necessary.

The workstation, like the FusionPort, includes visual picking assistance and a safety hatch. FusionPort Staging is pre-assembled for simple installation and allows businesses to hold aggregated orders in a dust-free environment.

Both workstations have a small external design for increased flexibility when combining with additional automation systems, with FusionPort Staging providing up to four times the storage capacity for existing warehouse footprints.

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