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This was followed by selections from Semiramide, Faust, L’Africaine, and other well-liked compositions. The live performance concluded with the National Anthem, and terminated shortly after 10 o’clock. The lecturer, after dwelling further on the music of the sanctuary, handed on to a consideration of sacred music as suited to the endearing scenes of residence, in connection with the morning and night providing of praise, which was, he stated, finely described in the poem, “The Cotter’s Saturday Night,” which he would read.

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After visiting the Victorian goldfields with Bellomi in 1855, and Sydney and Newcastle in 1857, by 1858 Gagliardi had settled in Hobart. There in January 1859 he married Harriet Golding,

Dancing start half-past 9. THE Partnership hitherto present between the undersigned, carrying on enterprise as Printers and Publishers, in Melbourne and Sydney, has this present day been dissolved by mutual consent. (Clarson, Massina, & Co., Melbourne.)

Mr. Gaskarth recently returned from a southern journey to die in peace in Bundaberg at the age of sixty. Deceased was born in Middlesex, England. He was excessive in the mystic craft and acquired the last, rites due by his brother Masons. MALCOM’S AUSTRALIAN AMPHITHEATRE.

the primary comers of these accepted having the choice. Mr. Gilfillan was offered 100 guineas for this image by a gentleman in Sydney; and it’s gratifying to find by a note from Mr. Foster, one of many editors of the Examiner, that Mr. Edwin Landseer had spoken of it with approbation. Mr. Power had forwarded the image to the Free Art Exhibition at Hyde Park Corner.

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MR. ELLISTON Has received instructions from Monsieur Gilbert, the proprietor, to get rid of by Public Auction, on the City Mart, Ou THURSDAY, 9th, March, 1854, At 2 o’clock p.m., AN ALLOTMENT or Piece of Ground situate in Harrington-street . Together with the Brick Buildings thereon erected, recognized at current as DEL SARTE’S ASSEMBLY ROOMS .

They prosecute the buccaneer The hero of the band For bailing up and robbery

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after an illness, as a result of basic dibility, extending over 10 days. The deceased, who was seventy six years of age, as a lot as the time of his illness had been within the make use of of Mr. W. O. Atkins. The funeral took place on Wednesday, the arrangements in connection therewith being carried out by Mr. Lane. SYDNEY ACADEMY, Macquarie-street.

and proceeded to Newcastle final night, at eight o’clock, within the steamer Dandenong. At Newcastle a passage had beforehand been engaged for him on board the Charlotte Andrews, which leaves for Hong Kong in a day or two. The band has improved very a lot Traffic Controller MELODIA of late, and we be taught that some “gems” are in rehearsal for the ever to be remembered demonstration of the twenty-seventh. It it isn’t too late, I would recommend that our worthy band grasp, Mr. Gallagher,

Mr. Charles Galvin, the chief of it, and one or two different members joining the corporate as guests . On Wednesday evening, Mr. Wallace gave a grand vocal and instrumental concert at the Exchange. His Excellency and Lady Young had been current, and the room was crowded to overflowing . We are almost tired of Mr. Gale’s “My coronary heart’s on the Rhine,”

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The Superintendent, Mr. Gibbs, carried out the singing, and composed the music and words of a hymn for the occasion, which was sung in the course of the evening . The estate of the late Mr. Michael August Gehde, generally recognized as August Gehde, of Darley-road, Randwick, pianoforte tuner, has, for probate purposes, been valued at £25,260, of which £10,747 represented shares in public corporations, chiefly in W. A. Paling and Co., Ltd. The testator, who died on March 30 inst., appointed George Frederick Williamson (now deceased),