At WWDC, Apple unveils two new laptops, a new operating system, the M2 chip and more – Vidak For Congress

At WWDC, Apple unveils two new laptops, a new operating system, the M2 chip and more – Vidak For Congress 1

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Today is Monday, June 6, 2022, and in case you didn’t already know, it’s also Apple’s WWDC conference, which is what hi and our other colleagues are focused on today, so you get me alone. Check out all the tidbits and attributes of these outstanding writers below. Also, Luke‘s and AnitaThe newsletter of ‘the arrest heard ‘around the crypto world’ is one you must check out. Finally, we give you five reasons why you don’t want to miss the TC sessions: Climate, starting next week, so buy your ticket today. † Christine

The Vidak For Congress Top 3

  • All things Apple: As mentioned before, this week our team brings you everything related to WWDC, from the live keynote to reveals like the M2 silicon chip to the redesigned MacBook Air to the new name for macOS (Ventura, “Mace Ventura”) and all the new features you can take on. Okay, we even have a special WWDC 2022 page where you can access all the good stuff from Apple all week long.
  • Elon Musk is not happy: When we’re not writing about Apple, we’re writing about our favorite billionaire’s journey to the purchase of Twitter. Today, Musk’s legal team filed an SEC filing saying Musk isn’t happy Twitter won’t comply with its data request regarding the number of “spam and fake accounts” the social media giant has, and if it doesn’t get those numbers. , he’s going to grab his toys and figuratively go home.
  • Unicorns might lose their magic: In this episode of “The Exchange” Alex debates abundance vs jam and why the past 2 years have been a bit of a “unicorn bonanza”.

Startups and VC

Not a day goes by when we don’t hear about a new cybersecurity threat or hack, so it’s no surprise that companies like AppOmni keep bringing in a lot of money to fix the problem – in this case vulnerabilities in SaaS app stacks.

Another company raising some capital is Magical, which aims to prove robotic process automation is not ready for consolidationand there are still a few rabbits left to pull out of his hat.

software, Alex write that software startups have something to be happy abouteven in this slowdown in venture capital.

Would you like some more? Please comply:

  • Order is important: When hi doesn’t write about Apple, he helps startups de best slide order for their pitch decks
  • Catching up on the credit craze: based in Nigeria Indicina won’t let Africa’s bad credit infrastructure get in the way of creating technology to record credit transactions across the continent.
  • An apple for the teacherIngrid reports that Go1, a training company for enterprises, seized $100 million to give it a $2 billion valuation.
  • Conscious linking of money: Mixing your money with a significant other can end badly, but if Natasha writes, Ivella brought in $3.5 million to make it fun and flexible too.
  • Serving Radar-on-a-chipVayyar Raises $108 Million in Series E Financing in the direction of “introducing a ‘family’ of machine learning powered sensor solutions for robotics, retail, public safety and ‘smart’ construction products,” Kylea writes.
  • Discovering drugs with robots: Creating new drugs is a costly and time-consuming effort, but it is based in Hong Kong Insilico raised $50 million to use artificial intelligence and a robotics lab to hopefully speed things up in a more cost-conscious way.
  • Middle East gets a Bolt over a Fenix: The Abu Dhabi-based mobility startup is harness the “superpower of micromobility” to not only get your groceries to you in 10 minutes, but also to offer some other services you might want to try.

Combating the ‘copycat’ stigma in SaaS: three tricks that work

Dalmatian dog startled by white dog in hoodie with spots and pretends to be a Dalmatian

Image Credits: Gandee Vasan (Opens in a new window) / Getty Images

In a world where ideas are cheap, it’s not hard to be called a “copycat” if your product is even within a country mile of your competitor’s domain, regardless of the value you provide.

“It always hurts to hear a prospect say, ‘Oh, you’re like a cheaper/newer version of’ [your biggest competitor]† It stings even more when you know you have a superior product,” writes Sachin Gupta, the CEO and co-founder of HackerEarth.

Drawing on his own experience, Gupta explains three ways founders can differentiate their company and product:

  • Lean in and promote your data.
  • Double your product.
  • Rethink and reinvent your marketing.

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Big Tech Inc.

  • Lots of great news in our newsletters, from Mary Ann‘s story about Affirm and Stripe teaming up to give Stripe’s US consumers a way to pay in installments to: Kirsten‘s story about Ford’s new sales process and SarahLook at the number of App Store and Google Play downloads.
  • Etsy is investing $25 million in a new purchase protection program for buyers and sellers launching on the online marketplace August 1. Essentially, the new program means buyers can get a full refund if items “don’t match the item description, arrive damaged, or don’t arrive at all.” We don’t think sellers are maliciously trying to scare anyone, but it sounds like sellers should be careful about what they post.
  • IBM said it is acquiring Randori, an offensive security startup. carly called the move “another sign of the company’s continued shift from its legacy business to cloud software and AI-powered cybersecurity services, which it recently strengthened with the acquisition of endpoint security platform ReaQTA.”
  • It might be Apple’s big day, but if Brian say it, “a Google Pixel feature drop is waiting for no one.” Some of the new features for the phone include the ability to add a home page shortcut to a vaccine map screenshot and talk mode for Google’s sound booster.

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