Teddi Mellencamp’s son, Cruz, in therapy for elevator phobia

Teddi Mellencamp’s son, Cruz, undergoes exposure therapy to overcome his fear of elevators.

The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” 40-year-old gave a glimpse of the 7-year-old’s progress via her Instagram Stories, showing him how he tackled a “brand new elevator.”

She wrote: “Day four of seven. … Let’s go buddy!”

Mellencamp shared more of Cruz’s journey in a post on her Instagram grid, noting that she has a phobia of her own and breaks out in a cold sweat “every time she pulls into a parking garage.”

“Cruz hasn’t gone on an elevator until this week since he saw a Power Ranger get stuck at age 5,” the former Bravo personality wrote in a selfie with her and Edwin Arroyave’s son.

Teddi Mellencamp's son Cruz
The “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” alum filmed Cruz on an elevator ride on Tuesday.

“He crushes it,” gushed Mellencamp, who is also the mother of daughters Slate, 9, and Dove, 2. “A new lift every day and he earns rewards. We need suggestions for glasses. Watching how proud he is fills me .”

Former accountability coach co-star Lisa Rinna shared her support in the comments section, writing, “Go Cruz!!”

Last year, Mellencamp told her Instagram followers about her son’s inability to sleep in his own bed because of “fear of the unknown.”

Teddi Mellencamp and Edwin Arroyave with children Slate, Cruz and Dove.
Mellencamp is also the mother of daughters Slate and Dove.

The “Celebrity Big Brother” alum explained: “He sleeps with us or on Slate’s top bunk. We’ve tried meditating, reading, sounding machines, positive ‘what if’ therapy, oil diffuser, and following a sleep routine.”

While Mellencamp loved “morning cuddles” with Cruz, she added, “I think it’s time to get him back in his own room.”

Days later, the reality star shared a “successful” update via social media.

“We started with Cruz’s bed just outside our bedroom and then moved it closer and closer until it was back in his room,” she wrote at the time. “We also had the dogs put to sleep with him, so that they can ‘protect’ him.

“We gave him a Vivofit Jr watch that tracks his sleep and allows us to give him a ‘coin’ every night,” she continued. “Finally, we let him watch TV with no sound while he’s trying to fall asleep, then turn him off as soon as he does.”

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