Shaquille O’Neal’s Mysterious Date Says It Was ‘Business’

Sunday night dinner is apparently the new power lunch for Shaquille O’Neal.

After we reported on the basketball legend’s recent date with a mystery woman, she replied that it was all business.

The woman with Shaq was Dr. Jaime Johnston, CEO of Kin Essentials. Sources told us O’Neal called her his “date” when they ordered chicken satay and martinis from Jue Lan Club last week, but Johnston insisted, “it wasn’t a date.”

“It was a business meeting, and finally, I don’t do gossip,” she noted.

Johnston also posted a photo of himself at the restaurant on Instagram, writing “his favorite view” with a heart emoji. But she didn’t mention O’Neal in the social media post.

After reaching out about the non-date, we mysteriously received several cheeky text messages from a random number containing photos of Shaq posing with various women — including a 90s photo of him and supermodel Cindy Crawford.

“More mystery dates for you to write articles about, stupid man,” wrote the unknown text message with an Alabama area code.

dr.  Jaime Johnston
Johnston posted a photo of the restaurant on Instagram, writing, “His favorite view,” featuring a heart emoji.

But our “call could not be completed as dialed,” a robot voice said when we called the number back. Our return text messages also went unanswered.

Shaq, was that you? Reach out!

Sources, who saw Shaq and Johnston at the restaurant, told us “they came alone, and left alone,” but not before he secretly paid the bill for all the other customers in the restaurant.

“It was 40 tables and [the bill] amounted to more than $25,000. He was in a good mood and took a picture with everyone. She was calmer. She didn’t really want to be noticed,” the source said.

Shaquille O'Neal and Nischelle Turner
O’Neal hosts “The Big Podcast” with rumored girlfriend “Entertainment Tonight” co-host Nischelle Turner.
Getty Images for RMG

After our first item aired, the retired NBA star then addressed dinner on an upcoming episode of his “The Big Podcast” with rumored girlfriend and co-host, “Entertainment Tonight” host Nischelle Turner, we hear.

The duo has never confirmed or denied that they are an item, but it is an open secret in Hollywood circles. We hear him disputing the five-digit Jue Lan check he picked up on the podcast, saying it was $2,500 instead. However, our source claims: “$25k [for] 40 tabs” was the damage.

An O’Neal representative has not contacted us. We’re still waiting for a message from that mysterious text message with the Alabama area code. Stay tuned…

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