Savannah Chrisley reflects on life after the storm following parental conviction

Savannah Chrisley ‘reflects’ on her life before and after her parents’ convictions for fraud.

The youngest daughter of Todd and Julie Chrisley took to Instagram on Wednesday to share what it’s been like since her mother and father were found guilty of multiple federal charges.

“Sitting here this morning thinking about life… Pre Storm and Post Storm,” the 24-year-old “Chrisley Knows Best” star wrote the photo slideshow, set to CeCe Winans’ “Goodness of God.”

“One thing I can say is that I am grateful for the people around me who choose to love and love hard… as hard as it is ❤️.”

Savannah said that “Pre Storm” life was “FAST” and “full of things that just don’t matter,” as images of her all flashed across the screen at dinners, parties and events.

About “halfway through the video is the transition,” she noted, pointing to a boomerang showing an open book lying in the grass next to a calm river. The photos that followed include more nature shots and selfies without makeup, at home and in the car.

Selfie of Savannah Chrisley and Tod Chrisley
Savannah Chrisley shared a photo slideshow of life before and after her parents’ sentencing.
Instagram/Todd Chrisley

Today, Savannah says she enjoys “more quiet time, more time with God, more time with myself and family.”

“And oddly enough…I’m weirdly grateful because I know there’s a God who does everything from scratch!” she shared. “He can take what the enemy used to destroy you and use it to evolve you.

“I’m in the process of finding ME… so be careful with me,” she added, encouraging her followers to “choose love” regardless of “what happens in life.”

Todd Chrisley in a chair with Savannah Chrisley posing behind him
She said life used to be “full of things that just don’t matter.”
Instagram/Todd Chrisley

The reality star feels like she’s going through “a process” where God is “slowing down” [her] down and to work [her] heart.”

“It is moments like these that will make me a better daughter, sister, friend, partner, mother-to-be and daughter of God❤️,” she wrote, continuing to thank those who have shown support to her and her family during their struggle.

“Oh..and I’ve grown fond of dogs…🤯lol.”

Photo of Todd Chrisley and Julie Chrisley at dinner
Todd and Julie Chrisley could spend the next three decades behind bars.
Instagram/Todd Chrisley

On June 7, Todd, 53, was found guilty of conspiracy to commit bank fraud, conspiracy to defraud the United States and tax evasion, while Julie, 49, was convicted of wire fraud and obstruction of justice in addition to the same federal charges her husband received.

They each face up to 30 years in prison, although a date has not yet been set.

The Chrisleys were charged in August 2019 and are currently free on bail.

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