Russell Wilson surprises Ciara, laughs off ‘square’ accusations

That’s how she should have it!

Ciara’s husband Russell Wilson provided a very sweet surprise and unknowingly caught the “Goodies” singer posing for photos outside an event for Ten To One Rum in Los Angeles.

The NFL quarterback, who is gearing up for his first season with the Denver Broncos after a decade with the Seattle Seahawks, posted a video of the moment to his Instagram.

At the top of the clip, Wilson, 33, can be seen crouching with a giant bouquet in hand behind some foliage before sneaking up behind Ciara.

While catwalking in front of the camera, it seems as if the “Body Party” performer suddenly began to teasingly whisper to her six-year-old husband, “strut, strut, strut, strut”—which prompted her to turn and run into his arms.

“Oh my god! What is it! What are you doing here?!” exclaimed Ciara, 36, as the two hugged.

While catwalking for a photo shoot, Ciara suddenly heard Wilson teasingly begin to whisper, “strut, strut, strut, strut” — which prompted her to turn and run into his arms.
Russell Wilson/Instagram

In the post, Wilson didn’t pass up the opportunity to become nemesis owner of recent shadow thrown his way in the form of NFL linebacker Channing Crowder who called him “a square” on an April episode of “The Pivot” podcast, writing in the caption, “Stay to the clean, my friends.”

Crowder had initially gone even further, insinuating that Grammy-nominated musician Ciara had gold-digging motivations to hook up with Wilson in 2015 after her split with rapper Future the year before.

“If Russell didn’t have that bread, Ciara wouldn’t be with him… You don’t leave Future to join Russell Wilson. It’s kind. Everyone has a type,” Crowder said in the diatribe before concluding, “I love him on the field, but he’s a square.”

Crowder, however, echoed the comments he made about Ciara on an episode of “The Breakfast Club,” released earlier this week, saying, “About Ciara, raising the man’s family — I take that back.”

But he couldn’t help but double down on his description of Wilson.

Russell Wilson and Ciara
Wilson reiterated his resolve to “keep the right eye” in an Instagram story in which he documented the moment he revealed himself, bouquet in hand, to an unsuspecting Ciara.
Russell Wilson/Instagram

“Have you seen Russell’s videos?” Crowder protested the hosts of “The Breakfast Club”. ‘Did you see, ‘Mr. Unlimited’?! And this goofy s–t he does?! I don’t know why so many people were mad at my opinion that Russell Wilson is a square and a cripple. I didn’t call him an alcoholic. I didn’t call him a weak father. I didn’t call him a pedophile. I called him lame!”

Wilson, meanwhile, continued to make up for his “square” lifestyle late into the night, posting two clips to his Instagram stories of Ciara dancing, the first covered with the caption “My love. Always leveling up’ – and flirty writing about the second, ‘She tells me to say it! Time to go fast….”

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