‘RHOBH’ star Diana Jenkins apologizes for racially insensitive comment

“Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” newbie Diana Jenkins apologized for a “racially insensitive” comment she made to a black woman who has a Bravo fan account.

Jenkins, 49, found himself in an Instagram feud with “Philly Diva” Kristen Dionne on Thursday after the latter posted a photo of a much younger Jenkins next to a recent photo of her, noting how much the reality star’s face has changed over the years. .

Born and raised in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Jenkins replied in the comment section: “That photo was actually taken at UCLA law school, talking about war crimes in my country and setting up a human rights clinic that I funded Before war criminals reach justice.

“I was probably 20 or 30 pounds skinner and glamor was the last thing on my mind,” she continued. “It also appears that the photo has been manipulated. But shame on you!!!! You and your bulls – the shopping!!!”

Dionne then replied: “Holy 💩 you had time today!! But the fact is…. both pictures are you. But neither of them look alike! Welcome to the bravo vibe!”

A screenshot of an Instagram post featuring Diana Jenkins then and now.
“It doesn’t feel right to be a Black content creator,” the “RHOBH” star responded to a post she didn’t like.

Dionne then urged Jenkins — who has spent her inaugural season showing off the exorbitant wealth she amassed after her 2011 divorce from mega-wealthy British financier Roger Jenkins — to “keep that same energy with the rest of Instagram thinking that you have no storyline and should have been fired. But shout out to my brand new page!”

At that point, Jenkins shot back, “It can’t feel right to be a black content creator.”

Overnight, the comment caught the attention of outraged Bravo fans across the board.

“Ur [sic] know you are ready for this comment.. right???” one of the many offended commentators replied.

the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" posing for a season 12 promo photo.
Outraged fans demand that Bravo and Andy Cohen see the exchange.
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“This is soooo off the line. Bravo needs to see this,” commented another, adding: “I really hope this comes back – her comment was distasteful and out of sync. She’s [email protected]! She just showed her hand.”

A third critic argued: “Wow! as a housewife, the public generally weighs in, because it’s for our entertainment. Memes are the smallest thing. It may not feel right, but I can’t imagine it leading to racism?? What the hell was that comment???”

They went on to tag executive producer “Real Housewives” Andy Cohen, along with several others.

A screenshot of Diana Jenkin's apology to Kristen Dionne.
“Please understand that I am not from this country,” the Bosnian resident explained.

On Friday morning, Jenkins wrote in a second comment that she was awakened by a “screaming” phone call from co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff – who was in castmate Sutton Stracke’s case over a supposedly “dark” comment of the same tone – “demanding” to to know what she meant by the comment.

“I assumed ‘Black content creator’ was a title that referred to a page that would target snarky content,” she explained. “I copied the term because I thought it meant that. I didn’t know it referred to you as a black woman and a content creator.”

Jenkins added: “Please understand I am not from this country @philly.diva I am so very sorry. I am devastated that this was perceived as something racially insensitive. I now understand why it was perceived that way and that was never my intention. I’m really sorry.”

Crystal Kung Minkoff on "Watch live what's happening."
Jenkins said co-star Crystal Kung Minkoff called her “screaming” and “demanding” answers.
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But Dionne claimed she never got the apology because Jenkins allegedly blocked her.

Plus, she wondered why the newly minted Bravolebrity was targeting her account, which has only a few thousand followers, and not that of the “white creators who posted the same photo with WAY MORE FOLLOWERS.”

Bravo did not immediately respond to our request for comment.

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