Prominent Valley Water Advocate Jack Stone Endorses Andy Vidak for Congress

Prominent Valley Water Advocate Jack Stone Endorses Andy Vidak for Congress

(Hanford, CA) – Republican Andy Vidak continues to consolidate support from Central Valley agriculture leaders with today’s endorsement from Farm Owner and Former Water Coalition Charter Director Jack Stone.  Stone joins over two dozen prominent area farmers who support Andy Vidak for Congress.
“It’s high time we had a representative in Congress who fights for the Valley agriculture,” said Jack Stone.  “Jim Costa is the great pretender, but the fact is, after over a decade in Congress, Costa has done little to help the Valley agriculture industry.  Andy Vidak will change that the first day he steps foot in Congress.  I’m… read more

Andy’s Weekly Update

There are only 12 days to go before Election Day, and we’ve never been busier! We had a successful fundraiser last night at the Dante Club, and I really appreciate the people who attended the event. I’d like to give a special thanks to the host committee: Bill Davis, Randy Fortune, Tony Marchini, Shawn Coburn, Rusty Gragnani, Cort & Laura Blackburn, the Blackburn Family and the San Joaquin Wine Company. We were grateful for the funds we raised to defeat Jim Costa and we all had an enjoyable time.
This week I had the honor of being endorsed by the one of… read more

The Bakersfield Californian Endorses Andy Vidak

The Bakersfield Californian | Wednesday, May 26 2010 07:31 PM
The biennial battle to unseat Democratic Congressman Jim Costa is in full flower, and this time the Republican field has more competition than usual. Political experience is in short supply on the GOP side of the 20th Congressional District race, but that’s not always a bad thing.
Of the three businessmen seeking the Republican nod, we like Hanford cherry farmer Andy Vidak, 44. Vidak grasps the challenges valley farmers are facing because he’s living it. He’s willing to explore water-delivery options that may or may not include the water bond appearing… read more

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