People were ‘proud’ of Joe for tenant screaming video

Melissa Gorga says husband Joe Gorga received several messages of “love” last week after a video surfaced of him yelling at a tenant about years of supposedly unpaid rent.

“The amount of calls and texts we got was so proud of him. They said, ‘That man has to pay his rent,'” Melissa told Vidak For Congress on Mohegan Sun’s Toast with the Host on Friday.

“I never want him to yell at anyone…but he really got love, and people were proud that he stood up” [himself]†

The 43-year-old “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star also claimed that the tenant in question “stealed” packages and deliveries from other tenants into Joe’s building.

“He’s just not a good guy, so Joe was doing him a favor. The man fucked him like he fucks everyone else,” she claimed.

“So it was very sad, and Joe lost his s–t, which is never a good thing. But at the same time, everyone was so proud of him. He did what he did, but the man is a real asshole and he deserved it. So that’s that. Sorry not Sorry.”

Melissa Gorga pours cocktails at an event
“The Real Housewives of New Jersey” star called the tenant a “real bastard.”
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Joe, who is reported to have been involved in a yelling spree with a tenant who has reportedly failed to pay rent in “four f–king years,” also defended his comments.

“I just don’t get along with people who don’t do the right thing in life and don’t care and don’t work and don’t try, and so I’m sticking with how I’ve handled it,” Joe, 42, said in a statement last Wednesday. a nearly three minute video obtained by TMZ.

Joe and Melissa Gorga pose together at an event
The Bravolebrity stood by her after a video of him yelling at a tenant surfaced online.
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The father of three also claimed that his “terrible, horrible” tenant owed him $89,000 in unpaid rent and claimed he stopped paying three months into his lease.

However, the tenant disagreed, claiming that he owed Gorga rent only from January to now.

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